Aches & Pains Be Gone With GOPO

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to partake in the 12 week GOPO® Challenge.

I’ve written before about my chronic backache and joint problems and also about the tablets I’m taking to prevent vestibular migraines and ease anxiety. Therefore, I’m somewhat reluctant to add painkillers to the daily medication mix.

GOPO® Joint Health is a unique patented food supplement made from specially cultivated rose-hip which may play a valuable role in the care of joints and joint tissues. It is also rich in vitamin C which is essential for normal collagen formation, needed by the body for healthy bones and cartilage.


Information provided to me by GOPO® states that an extensive evidence base demonstrates that this supplement:

1. Significantly and rapidly reduces joint pain
2. Reduces the number of tender and swollen joints
3. Improves joint mobility and daily activity levels
4. Reduces morning stiffness
5. Improves mood, sleep quality, energy and well-being
6. Reduces the need for painkillers
7. May be more effective than paracetamol and glucosamine

I think it has to be worth a try. Said to be a powerful anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant with no known side-effects, it won’t do me any harm but, it might also do me a lot of good. There’s little more frustrating to me than having a non-dizzy day ruined by not being able to exercise much because it’s too painful!

The recent damper, cooler weather has brought into focus that my age old aches and pains are going nowhere fast and the Shock Doctor ankle support is still playing a regular supporting role.

So, today is day one. Of course I’m under no illusion that this will be a cure-all for all my ailments but if I can reduce the most painful symptoms, life will be much more pleasant!

I’ll keep you updated on progress.


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