Creating A Day Worth Living

Browsing Pinterest yesterday I came across some advice which seemed apt to share during the time we’re making and breaking new year’s resolutions. Compiled by it’s something to think about whether it’s a new year or not.

create a day worth living


But is it easily achievable? Some days yes, some days no.

Let’s see how Sunday went:

1. Get up early. 

Bit of a fail straight away with this one! Took my bedtime sedative a little too late which meant I slept on and off till well gone 9am. Stella wasn’t amused at the lateness of her breakfast or my excuse that it was Sunday! In general this is something I’m trying to do, sparked by the invitation to the #earlybirdchallenge that you may have seen on your social media platforms or even taken part in yourself. I want to be up, on weekdays at least,  with enough time to do my medical checks, do a little exercise, eat breakfast, finish a cup of coffee and get rid of any lingering migraine dizzies before I drive to work. 

2. Express gratitude for what you have.

This came in the form of thanking, out loud, ( I live alone, I talk to anything! ) my tumble dryer for its very existence given that there was freezing fog outside and I was behind on laundry.

3. Do something productive.

I’m currently tidying two rooms that have become dump everything rooms to make at least one useable. This is how I managed to make a path to the tumble dryer! Everything takes so much longer when you have to keep stopping for dizzy breaks. Very frustrating but getting there 🙂 

4. Do something fun.

Sunday is the main photo linky day in the blogosphere so I had fun browsing some of those. It was also an indoor play day with Stella as it was cold and icy out. Managing not to break anything while playing fetch with a string of plastic sausages was quite a fun achievement! 

Stella and sausages Xmas 2014

5. Do something for someone else.

Not sure if it counts but I sorted spare clothes hangers and carrier bags for the charity shop I volunteer at. Also ordered a Clothes For Charity collection sack. Last year I donated for Hearing Dogs so this year I chose a local children’s charity in Cambridgeshire… The Liam Fairhurst Foundation. 

6. Get some sunlight.

This was easier said than done! Fresh air? Yes. Sunlight? No. But, there is vitamin D in my physio prescribed calcium supplement! 

7. Exercise – it doesn’t matter what – just do some exercise.

Thanks to my UK bloggers Secret Santa this year I have a shiny new yoga mat. I can only do a little before the vertigo stops me but I am doing a little every day.


8. Put a smile on someone’s face. 

Didn’t see another human being all day but I raised a few smileys on Twitter and Facebook, and hopefully on other blogs too 🙂 

Instagram from Maddie On Things
Instagram from Maddie On Things

9. Express gratitude or compliment someone.

Again this would be through the power of t’internet. Mostly being complimentary to photography I think.

10. Learn or do something new.

I didn’t have anything new planned until I needed to update my iphone’s operating system on Saturday. This means I’m now using emoticons all over the place until the novelty of the alternative keyboards wears off and also trying to work out what I can do with the new ‘Health’ app that has appeared. I’m sure it will be useful but I’m not sure how to make it so. 

As you see, no resolutions as such here. Do you make them?

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  1. This is brilliant advice. But as you say it is much easier said than done. Some days I find getting out of bed the biggest challenge of all. However, it does sound like you are doing really well trying to fit it all in. And I definitely think that sorting clothes for charity and complimenting or raising smiles on social media counts. My main problem with things like this is that I always feel such a failure if I don’t do everything on the list. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  2. What a great idea! I’ll have to bookmark this for a rainy day, or when I myself am feeling down. Making other people smile always cheers me up! Thanks for the lovely post x

  3. Such a great post and well done for trying all those things. My advice would be to maybe select 2 or 3 of those things each day. I often find that putting pressure on myself to do lots of different things each day can make me less likely to do them. Maybe fewer goals per day is more achievable and you’ll get that sense of satisfaction of completing all of your selected tasks – double whammy of happiness! xx

  4. I like the idea of doing and learning something new every day. That’s probably easier said than done though? I am trying to learn new things by reading more this year. So far (and I know its only 5 days in :)) I am enjoying it. x

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