Woof Wednesday: Stella’s New Year’s Resolutions

Ever the traditionalist I thought I’d share my hopes and aims for 2015 with the rest of you woofers. Mum doesn’t make them but I see nothing wrong in having few aspirations for the year ahead.

I made a lot but Mum said some of them were too filthy (she took particular offence to my wish to expand my repertoire of poo tasting!) for publication and wouldn’t type them for me so here’s her cleaned-up version.

1. Only visit the V E T for check-ups and don’t get sick this year. I accept that my arthritis will probably make me hobble a little bit more but I must do my best not to need any more operations. Mum worries herself silly about me.

2. Take more naps. Though I hate to admit that I’m not getting any younger it is getting more tiring being so sociable. Time was when I could drop a ball at Mum’s feet for hours on end ready to play. Nowadays, 3 throws and I’m done in.

3. Do more geocaching. We haven’t sniffed out nearly enough this year and so we need to make a concerted effort to find more local ones. I know Mum’s limited to her ability with the dizzies but we must make the most of good days when we both feel fit.

Last but not least…

4. Get Granny to part with some of her blue cheese. She asked Mum why I wouldn’t leave her alone and Mum told her the cheese is mouldy and therefore to my palette it probably has a divine aroma. She’s not wrong, mould is the next best thing to dead to my taste buds!

Have you made any resolutions my furry friends? 


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    1. She’s so gross, even one of my mum’s neighbours today remarked on her eating rubbish from the side of the road! Mustn’t grumble though, the last labrador I had loved to eat fag ends on walkies! Expensive food seems to do nothing to give them a sophisticated palate!

  1. I keep saying I should go geocaching. Not sure if Saari made any New Year’s resolutions but Harry made just one – “Find a new home” – guess that leaves him the rest of the year to enjoy himself!
    Many thanks for joining in #AnimalTales and here’s wishing you both a healthy and happy 2015.

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