The Prompt: Beginnings 2015 diaries sepia


A year is beginning once more,
Twenty Fifteen has opened the door.

January’s beginning quite well,
On past years I must not dwell.

The fog is beginning to clear,
I’m cherishing what I hold dear.

Yesterdays are beginning to fade,
I’m learning from mistakes made.

My life is beginning again,
As I try to get rid of the pain.

The time is beginning to fly,
Days so quickly pass by.

This heart is beginning to heal,
I must teach it not to feel.

The ice is beginning to melt
Now kinder cards may be dealt

My eyes are beginning to see,
You weren’t the right one for me.

These feet are beginning to run,
Run faster, towards the sun.

My head is beginning to know,
When to stay and when to let go.

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  1. And she’s back with another geat poem. There’s a touch of sadness in the words which I guess points to the year we’ve just left behind. Loving all the positivity. Hope it’s all going well for you x

  2. Beautiful words and sentiment, I especially love the lines ‘Yesterdays are beginning to fade, I’m learning from mistakes made.’ I wish you all the very best for 2015, thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

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