It’s only words…

 …or is it?

writing prompt

 The biggest difference I notice is that, although I don’t think my writing style has changed much at all over the past few years, my confidence has grown as far as sharing that writing.

 I’m still of the opinion that my writing is primarily for me, but, I’m proud that some brands think my writing is good enough for me to be given review opportunities now and again. That’s a side to blogging I knew nothing about when I first set up my site. When I first welcomed the world into my my little corner of the world wide web, it was purely as an extension to Twitter and Facebook, a place to expand my thoughts in more than 140 characters.

 With the help of blog linkies like #theprompt and #prose4t I can share my creative writing, something I’d scarcely have done before. Even now when I write what I think is a good poem and bravely decide to show my mum, she says “oh, that is quite good, did you really write it?” As you may have gathered, creativity isn’t acknowledged much in my family! 

 I don’t want or expect to be bathed in compliments but a simple nod that I’m not wasting my time is always welcome!

 As for how do I feel about it…more positive than negative, that’s for sure. There are, of course, as with any community, cliques and groups that I’ll always be an outsider to, but, there are some pretty lovely people out there too that are welcoming and encouraging in equal measure and being part of that community is almost a lifeline when my offline social life is almost non-existent due to one thing or another.

 Yes, words, and this blog, are very important to me right now!

 With that in mind, I’m choosing ‘words’ as my word of the week, especially as this linky is hosted by one such welcoming, encouraging blogger, the awesome Jocelyn at The Reading Residence 🙂 it's only words

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  1. Great word to choose. Words are so powerful, and I think when you’re a blogger and you have this space to express yourself and connect with others, they’re wonderful. I think through blogging for 18 months now, like you, it’s been my confidence to write in my own voice, whatever I want to say, that has grown.
    Thank you so, so much for your kind words at the end there, too. Brought a tear to my eye! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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