A is for Air Mail

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    1. Mine used to be quite nice I think. But when I started getting my dizzy migraines it became awful. I’m hoping doing more proper writing instead of typing will help it improve bit by bit again, but my penpals may think they’re getting letters from their doctors!

    1. My handwriting was getting to be appalling, hopefully it will improve with practice again and stop being so much like my doctor’s!

  1. I had a hard time finding A. I am so rusty with Alphabet Photo but eventually got one =P

    This reminds me that I have a letter to send to my sister in the Philippines. We chat almost everyday but I think for them to know that they are not chatting with a robot I am sending letters too hehe. #alphabetphoto

  2. What a great letter A Lisa, I still love paper although I’ve not sent any air mail letters for some time. Stationary on the other hand…a bit of an obsessive! Thank you for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  3. Lovely pen 🙂
    I am beginning to think I should post more snail mail, even if it is a quick card to people as it is much nicer to receive than an email.

    1. Thank you Laura, it’s a nice new habit I’ve started via #postcircle where you get allocated into a group of 6 penpals. Wish I’d done it sooner 🙂 x

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