Woof Wednesday: Food Designed With Pets In Mind

Due to Stella’s health concerns, (as well as the epilepsy and arthritis, it’s looking likely there’s a neurological problem with her spine too, tests ongoing…) I’m very reluctant to change her diet now that she’s settled and her weight is more where it should be. However, I do like to support East Anglian businesses and it has been brought to my attention that there’s a new pet food on the block from Brown’s just down the road in Essex so let me tell you a little bit about them.


Brown’s cater for most furry, feathered, and, finned members of the family but importantly provide three dog food products: Puppy & Breeder, Health & Active, and, Light & Sensitive. The latter would be the one I would choose for Stella in different circumstances and I’m hoping our local independent pet shop start stocking their range as I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be popular.

As the first British company to include Macrogard® in their recipes,  Brown’s make the following claims about the dog food:

Enhances natural defences, preparing them for the challenges ahead.

Helps to reduce the risks and severity of bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases.

It contributes for a better health status, optimising the efficiency of vaccines.

Activates the white blood corpuscles and thereby strengthens the immune system.

browns trust

Brown’s hypo-allergenic and gluten-free dog foods come in practical, re-usable tubs that are available in a variety of sizes that start at a small 520g container for £2.99 and go up to a 12kg bulk sack for £34.99. Unlike some brands, the price is the same whichever variety you need. I certainly know from experience with Stella that you can be expected to pay a premium for a sensitive or senior diet. It’s re-assuring that this isn’t the case here.

You can also request a free sample just to check that you both are happy with the product. Details on their website.


It’s good to know that the people at Brown’s pride themselves on sourcing ingredients in the UK and are creating opportunities for the local community through employment at their base in the heart of Essex. They also have their own pet supplies and equipment shop where their small team of knowledgeable pet specialists create a fantastic range of pet foods, toys and accessories for the wellbeing of all pets. In the future they’re looking to create a network of shops and I for one wish them all the best.

As Brown’s say:

“When your pet starts eating our product you will trust the special care we take to ensure the consistency of each product. Brown’s Pet Range is designed very much with Pets in Mind.”

Can’t ask fairer than that can you?


*Written in collaboration with Brown’s Pet Range

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