1. She does look so well in between bad spells. Yesterday she was going mad chasing squirrels but then came in and just was so so tired bless her. But when she wants to play I have to let her play, it must be good for her mind don’t you think? Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 xox

    1. Thank you Kriss. She’s on a daily painkiller and I’m hoping all the natural supplements I’m finding for her will make things better. It’s heartbreaking but I have to be realistic. I know I can’t cure it for her but I can do my best to try and stop it in its tracks!

    1. We don’t think it’s beatable so the plan right now is just to slow it down and keep her healthy & pain-free for as long as possible. Your support is lovely, thank you 🙂 x

  1. Oh, that’s the snow? Not much compared to our standards, but it must have reminded you that it’s still winter. What did Stella think to it? Mr. Otis gets very excited, but of course not as excited as my Aliaska (siberian husky) used to be when she saw that everything turned white…

    I hope and pray Stella gets better. Fight it, girls. We’re sending all our love xxx

    1. She’s ok in it but like you say we haven’t had much in comparison to a lot of places. The last time it was really thick it made her a bit bonkers!

      We’ve got a fight on our hands but we’re going to give it hell xox

    1. She’s a little superstar and we’re going to fight the horrid cancer but it breaks my heart that she’s poorly 🙁 Thank you for visiting x

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