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Even though I’m introducing more exercise, I still can’t do as much as I’d like thanks to the dizzy migraines and therefore the podge just isn’t shifting. 

Time to counter-balance the recent Betty Crocker chocolate fest with something low calorie and low fat! You’ll never rid me of my sweet tooth so something’s going to have to give on the savoury side of things. Time to revisit quark! 

I did something similar to this for my first taste of quark but have put together a nicer version I believe.

low fat quarkanara 1

This time I used the barenaked brand of konjac noodles as my pasta alternative. These come in a bigger pack size than the zero noodles and so this made 2 meals. I reheated the second one successfully the next day but you can make a bigger batch and freeze it which I wasn’t sure about until checking with the quark people:

  • Can Quark be frozen?

    lake district dairy co. can be frozen once it is mixed in, within a cooked recipe rather than being stand-alone.

    We do not recommend freezing Quark in its natural form. Like any fresh dairy product, Quark must be kept refrigerated.

I used the whole 250g tub of quark mixed with one large egg…several recipes call for just egg yolks but this worked just as well this way. You may not even need egg, I didn’t put egg in the last version. For seasoning I used garlic powder.

I fried a handful of chopped leek, the same of mushrooms, and 4 rashers of chopped bacon, in a little oil for a few minutes before adding the cheese sauce and then a few minutes later added the drained konjac noodles for the last couple of minutes cooking time.  

bacon quarkanara lisas-life

As usual I forgot quite how watery the noodles are and ended up with a runnier meal than I’d have liked so next time I must be brave and try dry-frying the first ingredients and patting dry the noodles on kitchen paper before adding!

konjac quarkanara lisas-life

It doesn’t take long and the sauce can be easily used on normal pasta too of course.

Have you tried konjac yet? I’m impressed with all of the versions I’ve tried so far 🙂 


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