The Return Of Nick & Anna

I have written 2 poems this week but both were private ones for family.

I was taken unawares when my parents asked me to write something for my aunt’s funeral next week. It’s one thing to make up a silly rhyme to share on the internet where the delete button can easily be reached, quite another to write something both almost formal and intimate that will be read out in church next Friday.

For a while I didn’t think the words would come, but, they did, and, the few people that have read it so far, seem to be content with it. I doubt I’d be able to hold it together to read it too so I think the vicar has offered.

It’s being a sad time for the older generation at the moment, we have 3 funerals in 8 days. As my mum said though, that’s the three now, the rest of the year will be fine.

So, I decided to give myself a blog poem break this week and, following on from last week’s 100 Word Challenge/The Prompt mash-up, here I continue the story a little using Julia’s next prompt ‘…the scent was overpowering…’ #100wcgu

Nick and Anna arrived with a little time to spare before their table was booked. While he ordered drinks, she popped to the Ladies.

She’d been pleased with her little black dress choice, but, she was sure the taxi journey had made it ride up to a rather less ladylike length!

A couple of women were re-touching their makeup, another seemed blissfully unaware of how much perfume she’d sprayed. The scent was overpowering but Anna had more important things to worry about.

She re-arranged her hemline then practised her best surprised “yes!” face in the mirror, just in case she her instincts were right.


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  1. If her funeral has come and gone, then I hope the reading went well. If not, then all the very best lovely. It sounds like a sad time at the moment. I wrote a poem for my Grandads funeral and drew on his strength to stand up and read it out in front of people. I needed to do him proud. This is a lovely piece of fiction – I hope she gets what she wants! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

    1. It was this Friday. A lovely service and the vicar did my words proud. I just couldn’t trust I’d be able to read through the tears or stay standing through a dizzy spell and I knew Aunt Cissie would be cross if I messed it up so I left it to the professional! He wrote her a poem too to read at the graveside as she was such a long-standing parishioner. A sadly beautiful day.

  2. Liking the idea of linking short bursts into a longer piece very much. And i know how you feel about the writing and reading for someone you love-I did that for my Gran. It’s special, but hard.

    1. Thank you Iona 🙂 Somebody referred to my aunt as a legend in her village yesterday, just hope I’ve done her justice!

    1. 🙂 I’m so glad you came back for the 2nd instalment. Of course this time last week I had no idea there was going to be a second instalment!

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