Flexiseq Update

A few weeks ago I told you how I was going to be trialling a new arthritis gel on my sore old knees….sad to say they’re still sore.

My mum hasn’t had success with her arthritic wrist either, but, my uncle, who was being kept awake at night by pain in his hands, has noticed an improvement. One out of three isn’t bad and I’m still hopeful that it will work better for me once I’ve lost some weight. The poor stuff must be working so hard to get through the flab to where it needs to be!

Still, the world would be very dull indeed if the first solution to a problem worked for everyone; there’d be no need for progress and innovation, and progress and innovation are good things!

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I maintain the opinion that drug-free is best and if you want to give Flexiseq a try it is becoming more widely available, with, I believe, a sports version now on the market too.



Have you had any success with drug-free medicines?

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