Woof Wednesday

We had hoped to be bringing you one of 2 reviews lined-up this week but the naughty delivery people have lost our parcels somewhere!

So, in other news…

We made it out for a little geocaching on Sunday 🙂 

lisas-life.com woof wednesday geocaching March 2015


I had to take this on my phone as, although I remembered the camera and spare battery, I neglected to pack the memory card! Thankfully Miss Stella was kind enough to pose nicely in the garden later!

lisas-life.com woof wednesday garden 1 March 2015 lisas-life.com woof wednesday garden 2 March 2015

Monday started better than expected when I found a local shop selling balls for £1!

lisas-life.com woof wednesday new ball March 2015


Even better was that they had a purple one and even better than that was that it’s still squeaking! 

Dare I say even better was that even though her tumour has obviously grown she’s not acting like it and so I managed not to fret about it for a few minutes?! A lovely few days  🙂 

How’s your week with four-legged friends going so far?




  1. At least you remembered your camera – I have had umpteen lovely photo opportunities literally thrown at my feet this week and my camera was at home each time … and I am not modern enough to have a phone that takes photos!!

    Thank you so much for joining in with #AnimalTales again and I am glad to hear Stella appears in good health despite the tumor growing. Harry and Saari send woofy good wishes.

    1. Thank you Rosie 🙂 She’s had a brilliant day today running around playing football with all the boys in the family, all my research was worth it to keep her illness under control!

  2. Love the new ball. Otis would find it very interesting – he can’t resist squeaking things, but I let him have them only outside, as if we are in the house he follows me around squeaking like and idiot 🙂 Give our love to Stella! xxx

    1. I made the mistake of letting her have it inside this week as it was too rainy to be outside. Guess what? It doesn’t squeak anymore! xox

  3. Hi Lisa, some great photos of Stella. How do you get her to pose so nicely. As soon as I pick up the camera mine make a bolt for it or move.

    Balls for just a pound and they still squeak after a chewing. I’d stock up. One of our little dogs goes mad for squeaky toys and rarely do they stay squeaky for long (thankfully).


    1. It’s a little luck and a lot of deleted images to be honest Deb! Some days she’s in the mood and some days she’s not, like kids I’m guessing! 🙂 x

    1. She has to be in the right frame of mind…funnily enough she’s always keen to pose when I’m doing food photography! 😉 x

  4. Stella you gorgeous dog, you look younger every time I pop over to read your blog. You are so beautiful and I’m glad you gave your mum a few minutes break from worrying about you, I can see that she loves you very much indeed.xx

    1. Oh Natalie, she’s my world. Those few minutes of forgetting about the C word are very precious! xox

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