Sweet and Savoury Saturday

You may remember my previous success with the Jus-Rol Bake It Fresh range, the delicious apple danishes…now it was time to have a go at another favourite, pain au chocolat.

Once again the procedure was simple enough even for me to be to be presented with a tasty batch of pastries after not many minutes at all  🙂

lisas-life.com jusrol pain au chocolat

 You may be thinking that they don’t look especially chocolatey, don’t worry, the sticks melt beautifully and leave the pastries very fulfilling. Trust me, as a self-confessed chocoholic I’d soon be complaining if there wasn’t enough!

lisas-life.com jus rol pain au chocolate

These packs are brilliant and I’m very much looking forward to the cinnamon swirls which are next on my list. They’re great value and have a great fridge-shelf life so you can have them on standby for a month just for when you fancy something a little continental with your coffee 🙂 


After the indulgence of these I thought it best to do something healthy for my main meal! 

This came in the form of my introduction to Quorn. I’ve been toying with the idea of cooking with this as a low calorie alternative to my beloved red meat so I was very pleased when asked if I’d like to try some and share my thoughts with you.

Once in the shop I was torn between the mince and the sausages but the mince won out and I teamed it with some BareNaked noodles for a very healthy alternative to spag bol. There is a recipe for a Quorn spaghetti bolognese too.

quorn mince 1 quorn mince 2

 Looks quite convincing doesn’t it? 

Another benefit is that it’s so quick to prepare…once I’d done my onions, mushrooms, garlic, and, tomatoes, the quorn only needs 10 minutes. But, what about taste?

I found there to be no discernible taste to be honest. Then again, I had no clear idea what to expect. As a confirmed carnivore, a vegetarian version was always going to be odd I suppose but, as I’m not actually going veggie, I maybe could have added a dash of Bovril to the sauce to make it meatier? 

A bit like when I ordered lasagne in a department store restaurant and it had been made from pork instead of beef mince…the meal was far from inedible but just not quite right. 

quorn mince 3

This also turned out to be the time that, knowing that I can’t grate my Lactofree cheese to sprinkle on the top, I can in fact use a potato peeler for a similar effect!

Next-stop, ‘steak’ pie, have you tried quorn?


Written in collaboration with Jus-Rol and Quorn.


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  1. Hi Lisa, those pain au chocolat look as tasty as the apple Danish did….But my favourite would definitely be the cinnamon swirls as I just love cinnamon.

    I have never used Quorn, although I honestly would love to try it, we just don’t get it here. Maybe one day…

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