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Northumberland Mam Kim shared this tag a few weeks ago and I think it’s a new one to me! I can in no way be described as a Disney aficionado, or indeed a major fan but everyone likes at least a little Disney in their lives don’t they?!

disney tag


Favourite Disney Film?

Probably The Little Mermaid though seeing Bambi on TV the other week made me love that all over again!

What was the first Disney movie you remember seeing?

The Rescuers. An older cousin took my brother & I when we were little to a proper cinema and everything!

Favourite Disney Character?

Ariel from the Little Mermaid. If I could swim I’d be her! 


Favourite Disney Princess?

I’m not a princessy sort of girl and I know you won’t let me choose Ariel again so I had to consult t’interweb for this one…how did I not know that Rapunzel had a purple frock?! I’m Rapunzel! 


Would you rather be Aurora or Cinderella?

I may be putting far too much research into this but I’m going with Aurora. This is where I have to admit that I didn’t know that Aurora was the name of sleeping beauty. **hangs head in disney shame**

Rather be Hercules or Tarzan?

I think this may be a question for boys, but, as a girl, I’d rather spend time with Tarzan.

Favourite Disney Song?

This one. No question.

Which Disney character would be your best friend?

Tigger of course. We all want a bouncy best friend!

Which Disney character would be your pet?

Any one of the 101 dalmatians! Knowing my luck I’d end up with Whizzer or Dipstick! 

images-101-dalmatians-g animations source dot org

Have you ever been to Disneyland?

No but I feel as though I have through Danielle at Underland to Wonderland‘s enthusiasm 🙂

I will of course be tagging Danielle with this though she’s maybe already done it. You’re all tagged too! 



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