Woof Wednesday: Stella tries Little Chompers

Never one to turn her nose up at trying new food, Stella was very pleased when the lovely people at Little Chompers got in touch with news of their grain free products.

Personally I don’t think she gives two hoots about what’s in her food as long as she gets fed often regularly! But, I do care very much, especially since her canine cancer diagnosis, and try and feed her the best I can. Luckily enough my first choice of dried food is already high protein, low carb so no major changes there but treats is a very different matter. 

I often stick with plain fruit or vegetables or meat or fish but it’s nice for her, and her teeth, to have something crunchy to snack on too and you can easily lose hours in the pet shop reading ingredients. I think I’m now more fussy over her food labels than my own!

Little Chompers kindly sent Stella over a couple of bags from their new treat range to try and so the lip licking and tail wagging commenced…

Little Chompers 2

Little Chompers 3

Her Labradorness was rather keen for me to open the packets and get taste-testing underway, I think the fishy ones in particular were calling to her but I let her try a snack bone first.

Little Chompers 4

Little Chompers 5

 I like having treats to give her in different shapes and sizes. These fish ones will be perfect for her little treat bag that comes on geocaching trips and also brilliant in her treat toys. Bigger biscuits are reserved for good behaviour and bedtime.

Being fussy I took a close look at the backs of the packets too 🙂

little chompers snack boneslittle chompers fish treats


‘Additives None!’ is my favourite line on a packet!

The prices at Little Chompers are very competitive too. I buy Stella something similar to the fish treats from a famous brand, because they’re a perfect size and flavour, so I thought I’d compare the costs. I’ve used the bulk buying costs rather than the pet shop costs too to make it fairer.

Little Chompers works out at £3.05 for 500g

The other brand works out at £3.95 for 150g

Now, I hate numbers but even I don’t have to give myself a headache with the calculator to see that already there’s a big saving. 

No, Little Chompers don’t come in cute fancy packaging and do sell in big amounts, but, there’s a 12 or 18 month shelf life on all treats and I very much doubt that any of our four-legged friends care about the wrapper, they just care about the contents. Humans are vain, dogs are not!

Of course there’s not only a range of treats, Little Chompers primarily produce a great range of dog food. They cater for all ages from puppy to senior in a super range of flavours with special versions for the sensitive souls. Here’s what they say:

Developed by leading pet nutritionists, our pet foods represent the finest dry pet foods on the market. All our own pet foods have been developed with leading experts in dog nutrition and made with only the finest raw materials.

Our super premium range is hypoallergenic (formulated without wheat and wheat gluten) and therefore suitable for dogs with sensitivities to these ingredients. The range comprises the very best nutrition for all sizes, lifestages and lifestyles of pet – however sensitive they may be. Our range is made in the UK, in Europe’s most advanced and environmentally sustainable pet food manufacturing facility which produces some of the world’s finest pet foods. 

The type of protein, its source and digestibility are very important for pet health. Meat is the best source of protein for dogs with a balance of amino acids from animals and plants for ideal performance. Once a protein is ingested it is broken down into the individual amino acids that are used as building blocks for healthy growth and repair of tissues (muscle definition and coat condition).

Oils and fats are needed in the diet to provide essential fatty acids (including Omega 3 and Omega 6) and energy. They are involved in many aspects of health including skin and coat condition, brain and eye health and reproduction.

Carbohydrates are a good source of energy in pet food, consisting of easily digestible starches and more complex carbohydrates such as cellulose (fibre). Potato, rice and peas are good sources, encouraging lower feed requirements and smaller, firmer stools.

These are essential for the long term health of your pet. Vitamins are necessary for many of the body’s processes and they can act as antioxidants which help prevent ageing. Minerals are required for healthy bones, skin and overall cell function.

These high performance ingredients are added to the diet for specific nutritional benefits:

MOS & FOS: For gastrointestinal health and performance.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM: Shown to promote the maintenance of joints.

Yucca: Aids digestion and reduces faecal odours.

Allergy-X®: A unique blend of herbs may help to alleviate “allergic signs such as itching, hair loss and mucky ears”.

Verm-X®: A natural herbal product that may help to control internal parasites.

Any of the foods can be ordered through the website and delivered straight to your door.

little-chompers-slider-81-940x288 (1)

I also use treats in the garden if we’re having a little session of training refreshment, or playing fetch, or even, grooming. Stella’s not fond of being told what to do but she will try harder if there’s chance of a biscuit!

Little Chompers 6 Little Chompers 7



Stella was provided with treat samples for the purpose of this honest review.