Today, We Are 4!

Yes it’s been 4 years since my bleary-eyed 5am very first blog post introducing Stella. Woof Wednesday is probably the only thing that’s continued right from the very start. We may miss the odd one due to one of our ill health issues but the core of this blog is still ‘one girl and her dog.’

So what’s changed over the last 4 years?

Last year saw the biggest change when we moved from Blogger to WordPress which was very stressful at first but I’m pleased I didn’t leave the move any longer. It’s all still very much a learning process but that’s life, if you’re not learning something you’re not really moving forward!

I’ve gained confidence with my creative writing with support from the Prose 4 Thought linky at Verily Victoria Vocalises and The Prompt at Mum Turned Mom, another source of inspiration can be found with the 100 Word Challenge at Julia’s Place.

Happy 4th Birthday Lisas Life

I’m still loving making pictures and have been enjoying the community feel of My Sunday Photo with One Dad 3 Girls and whether it be via Instagram or here I love taking part in the photo projects from Podcast when I have the time. Also on Instagram are the #bringbackpaper challenges from The Reading Residence…a definite favourite being a stationery addict!

The only area I feel I’m neglectful in is the various social media channels…there’s Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, a Facebook page, and, a G+ page but trying to keep up with them all while doing a proper job, and a voluntary job, and doctors appointments and vet visits and actually having a life so there’s something to write about is proving more difficult than it looks.

I really need to find a good way of scheduling different content for each format. Any ideas would be appreciated! 

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  1. A gigantic happy blogiversary to you and Stella! 4 years?! What an achievement. I love keeping up with you girls and are proud to know you though this wonderful hobby we share. As for social media…pft, its not all it’s cracked up to be.
    However, I would highly recommend using tweetdeck if you’d like to schedule tweets and stuff. Very simple to use.

    Lots of love to you two and heres to another 4+ years.

    1. Thank you Danielle 🙂 I think I’ve got the blog scheduling tweets stuff sorted but it’s finding/making the time to interact and chat on them too. Google + is a particular wasteland! xox

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