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Sadly I’m too poorly to be going on holiday anytime soon (so is Mum though, it’s not all my fault!) but you lucky woofers that are planning mini breaks or big breaks should get your two-legged friends to read this post that Mum has collaborated on.

Just to prove that I have been on exciting expeditions there’s some old holiday snaps of mine too! 

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Advice For Taking Your Dog on a Weekend Away

As anyone who owns a dog will know, they are a huge part of the family. You take them for walks, buy your dog accessories, nurse them when they are sick and always show them that you care. When they are such a large component of daily life, it only makes sense to want to take them on holiday, too.

If you are considering taking your dog away with you for the first time, here are some things to think about.

Research Accommodation

With the rise in the number of pet owners taking their dogs on holiday, there are now more dog friendly accommodations on offer than ever before. Choose from a wide range of camping and caravan sites (including Park Resorts), bed and breakfasts and private holiday rentals.

Tip: before you book, always remember to double check their animal policy and find out if there are any additional fees.

I love the seaside, sand is wonderful for scampering!
I love the seaside, sand is wonderful for scampering! This is Bournemouth. We went to the New Forest too but most of Mum’s photos are of ponies **yawn**

Journey Preparation

When you go away for a weekend, you will most likely be driving to your destination. However, unless your dog is used to travelling long distances by road, your pet may find the journey stressful. To help alleviate stress, plan regular stops en route, provide fresh water at frequent intervals, and provide a secure area for your dog to sit.

Never, under any circumstance, leave your dog alone and unattended in your car, as heat stroke can kill in minutes, even with a window open.

Maintain Routine

Breaking with daily routine can also cause your dog to feel stressed. Even though you are in a new location, try to maintain structure, especially when it comes to walks and feeding times. It is also recommended to pack your dog’s usual blanket or favourite toy, as this will help them to feel more settled in an unfamiliar environment.


Got it!
Got it!

Plan Ahead

If you were travelling with a baby or young children, you would make sure to bring a supply of nappies, a first aid kit and food. When taking a trip with your dog, it is just as important to plan ahead.

For example, if your dog has a long term illness, make sure you have a supply of medication. Or if you are going away for an adventure weekend, consider investing in animal safety gear that will protect them on hikes and boating trips. Alternatively, if you are travelling abroad, preparation can take several months and you may need to apply for an animal passport.


A passport?! Doesn’t that sound exciting woofers?!

Have any of you been abroad? Do tell me where you’ve had any wagtastic holidays.

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  1. Great Top Tip: “before you book, always remember to double check their animal policy and find out if there are any additional fees.” As a pet friendly caravan owner, this is a very important point. Whilst we allow dogs in some of our units, we do have a few guidelines we ask guests with furry friends to adhere to. It’s always worth asking and reading the owner’s terms and conditions too. You don’t want to risk losing your security deposit by not reading the small print x

  2. one of the things i learnt to ask holiday lets who claimed they were dog friendly was would they accept a large breed dog? the reason being most places say yes to dogs but dont really have the space for them

  3. Hi Lisa, it’s a shame you are both too unwell to take a holiday, hope you feel better soon. You’ve given some sound advice for taking our beloved pets on holiday. Trying to keep a familiar routine is a particularly good tip.

  4. It looks like Stella had an awesome time at the beach, I wish we lived closer to the beach, I miss it so. I hope your both feeling better soon. Thanks for all the great tips for a woofing holiday.

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