Word Of The Week: Tested

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I don’t often find the time to join in with Jocelyn’s Word Of The Week linky but this week made itself quite clear what it was all about from early on Monday morning!

Starting with not one but two attempts to hack into my Paypal account I was already unamused before I’d even left for work. More so because I could feel my dizzies making their presence felt thanks to the hot/cold/warm/wet/mild/stormy weather.

On my, late, of course, arrival at the office, my Dad tells me he’s got a “funny” e-mail that he needs me to look at and sort out. It was an e-mail he wanted but the attached files wouldn’t open. It took me a good two hours to resolve the problem with my own desk still untouched!

The afternoon went by relatively incident-free but when I got home my laptop wouldn’t let me on. Bother (or a similar word starting with B with the same amount of syllables!) Trying to squint at a phone screen trying to find a solution then follow a youtube video on it is really great fun and I recommend everyone tries it…seriously, where is a sarcasm font when you need it?!

Much dropping of aforesaid phone, swearing at aforesaid laptop, re-booting and safe-moding later, the problem was gone but so was most of the evening so I thought I’d get an early night and hope for a stress-free Tuesday.

The pesky electric monsters had it in for me though and switching the bedroom light on caused the whole circuit to blow its fuse. Monday was really not being fun. Nor was balancing on a stepladder with only a torch for company to get to the fusebox.

I’m amazed I didn’t have a full on dizzy migraine Tuesday morning but apart from a lingering headache I actually wasn’t too bad.

Wednesday was a very different story. spins and wobbles and bangs and whistles accompanied me most of the day which left no time or enthusiasm for writing my usual poetry or browsing my photo sites, or, visiting other blogs. I’ve barely made a dent in last week’s Sunday photos linky and it’s almost time to think of a post for this week!

So, this week I’ve been feeling very tested indeed. Next week will be better right? Although, how the dickens is it going to be July already?!



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  1. I think we all have days and weeks like that, where everything seems to go wrong at times. Although for me it mostly has to do with my family not wanting to get their crap together!

  2. Oh no, you’ve definitely been tested! Monday sounds so frustrating, and sorry to hear that the dizzies got you again mid week, Here’s hoping that next week is better x Thanks for joining in again with #WotW

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