50 Things That Make Me Happy

I don’t know how I missed this tag going round but now I’ve been tagged by Jen at Fuss Free Living I can share…you know I love these tags! 🙂

On a bad day I would say I couldn’t think of 5 things that make me happy so I thought it may have been a real struggle to think of 50 but I gave it a go! 🙂 

In no particular order…

50 things that make me happy tag 2015

Stella, of course

Tulips, any colour, but preferably purple or white

Butterflies, especially in my garden

Chocolate – only dark these days

Purple things – all of the purple things!

Colouring in

Writing – a poem, a list, anything but numbers

Photography – especially getting the shot I set out for

My loving family – and I know you shouldn’t have favourites but I do have a favourite auntie, uncle, and, cousins and they know who they are!

Snail mail – joining a post circle was one of my better ideas

My hair not looking like a scarecrow wig

A day without a headache

Other people’s puppies

Getting my eyeliner just right

Jason Orange

My baby nephew’s smile (even when it’s wind!)

Lego – not the Star Wars sets or anything, just proper bricks to use your imagination with

Pinterest – I’m not addicted though 😉

Memories of Venice

Country music

New Forest ponies

Sweet Williams/Pinks/Carnations – invoke happy memories of my Nans

Picking up a book and knowing from the first page you already can’t wait to find out what happens on the last page

Writing in pencil rather than pen

Teapots – never use one but love them!

Roads lined with trees

The Mistletoe Kisses candle by Lily Flame – smells like Christmas in a tin

Peacocks – still don’t understand why feathers so beautiful are considered bad luck?!

Sending proper Christmas cards

Keeping a houseplant alive

The seaside on a quiet day

The scent of a garden bonfire

Working in the charity shop

Liking the first thing I pull out of the wardrobe to wear

Aimlessly mooching around garden centres

Putting the last piece in a jigsaw

Poppies; wild or cultivated, just all the poppies

Rainbows – even the ones you see through farm irrigators – always special

Christmas music

Party food – cheese & pineapple rules!

Singing in the car, pretending I’m in tune

Finding art in charity shops

Eating fruit instead of veg

Stained glass windows

The squirrels in my mum’s garden

Imagery of London – I haven’t been in so long though it’d scare me now!

Tea & jaffa cakes – I’m a dunker, are you?

Adding a new branch to the family tree

Going to the zoo

‘Friends’ – the TV show; real ones let you down too often


For someone who professes to dislike Christmas, I’m finding it amusing that 3 of these have Christmas connotations! 

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And if you haven’t….you’re tagged!

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  1. Lovely list Lisa.
    I really don’t know you, just happen to have a connection literally through this tag, but I like a lot of your list and you seem like a most fabulous person.
    Just saw a photo of Stella, she is gorgeous.

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