My Face

I haven’t responded to one of the Post 40 Bloggers writing prompts in ages, I think they get lost in my manic Twitter timelines most weeks! 

#post40bloggers writing prompt

I mostly try to avoid mirrors where possible but this did seem an interesting proposition.



I see a forehead of frown lines,
But lips lacking laughter lines;
The last ten years have known:
Too much to frown about,
Not enough to laugh about.

I see fading freckles and chicken pox scars,
White skin that needs moisture from jars;
The last ten years have seen:
Aging; from thirties to forties,
Time; flying faster in the breeze.

I don’t see love, just acceptance;
Big nose, pale eyes, thank you parents!
The last ten years have been:
Tough, stressful, but acne-free,
I may not like it, but, it’s me!


What do you see when you look in the mirror?



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