The Prompt: To Read

I can’t see Sara getting any negative entries for this week’s prompt; I think as bloggers it’s inherent in us to love to read. No doubt there are variations in what we love to read though. For some it will be chick lit ( I do hate that phrase!); for some, horror; for some, autobiographies; for some, glossy magazines…I suspect a lot of us will also agree that we don’t have, or make, enough time, to just read!

#theprompt to read


To Read

I love to read:
Fiction, and non-fiction;
With any style of diction;
Harmony, or friction.

I love to read:
Stories, short or long;
Characters, weak or strong;
Real-life, right or wrong.

I love to read:
From first page to last;
Plots set now, or past;
In the library, such contrast.

I love to read:
Poems, odes and rhyme;
If I have the time;
Sonnets, so sublime.

I love to read:
Soft cover, or hardback;
Newspaper from a rack;
Typeface, clear and black.

Do you love to read?
For pleasure, or for learning?
To keep your mind’s cogs turning?
Because for words you’re yearning?

Do you love to read?




Prose for Thought


  1. A lovely poem summing up the joys and variety of reading out there. I’m a voracious reader, always reading something so I can answer your question with a resounding ‘Yes! I love to read’

  2. Love this, I too love to read 🙂 You’re right though, it is hard to find the time. But after hardly managing to read a thing last year, I have made a real effort to find the time this year and have managed to get back into the habit and always have a book on the go 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  3. Great Poem Lisa and I certainly love to read too! I fell out of the habit for years then started reading on my kindle three years ago and since then I’ve always got a book on the go. I think once you make time to read there’s no looking back is there? #theprompt

    1. I always said I’d never use a kindle but I had a free book offer from Amazon so downloaded the app ‘just to see’ and weirdly I can read for longer on there than I can a real book. I thought the opposite would be true with my migraine brain but for once I was sort of pleased to be proved wrong!

  4. Love this poem! I do love to read but haven’t been able to for several years now because the meds I take have given me serious brain fog. Hoping to start reading again soon now I’ve reduced the meds I’m on.
    I still enjoy reading blogs though!

    1. I get the brain fog, it means I can only read a couple of pages at a time. Strangely I can read more using the kindle which is annoying as I always said you can’t beat a proper book!

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