1000 and counting

I didn’t notice straight away but Monday’s ‘Blog meaning’ post was actually my 1000th! So, what have I learned during all that publishing?

I’ve had my belief reinforced that an online community can be every bit, if not more, as supportive as a real-life one. Especially since I’ve had my health issues. Most evenings, the internet is my social life, and I’m very pleased to have it. The kindness of strangers is a beautiful thing.

I think the first place I saw this quote was MySpace!
I think the first place I saw this quote was MySpace!


Having said that, I’ve also found that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to visit every other blog you love. My Bloglovin’ feed is always overflowing with great content but I’m always playing catch-up!

I’ve learned how to watermark photos; make a favicon; join linkies; use hashtags; buy my own domain; schedule posts; set up a Facebook page; and a Google + page (though G+ in general is still really one of life’s mysteries to me!); join in Twitter chats; become addicted to Pinterest…

Yes, blogging has been a very positive part of my life so far.

The move from Blogger to WordPress was a lot less scary than I imagined and I wish I’d done it sooner, and I love that whatever problem I encounter, there always seems to be someone happy to share their knowledge on how to resolve it. If you were one of those people, thank you.

As time goes on and blogger opportunities present themselves I’ve learned to remember that, at the end of the day, it’s my blog and I don’t have to accept every offer going. It’s easy to be flattered when you receive projects straight into your inbox rather than applying for them at Bloggers Required or wherever, but, if something is nowhere in the realms of what you like to write about and really of little interest to you, just say no thank you.

I’ve also realised I shouldn’t be embarrassed that my pastimes aren’t the same as a lot of people…especially now I know I’m not the only big kid to write poetry, play with Lego, and do colouring in!

I made my new logo and also made Stella a pawtograph!



Speaking of whom, I’ve also learned that Woof Wednesdays are more popular when she’s written them!

Mostly I’ve learnt that I really need to get a grip on time management!


Thank you to each and every visitor, old and new. Every comment is read even if I don’t reply as often as I should. As for every ‘like’, ‘pin’, ‘RT’, and ‘+1’, it makes me sad that I don’t have the time or energy to reciprocate every single nice gesture but, believe me, they’re always very much appreciated. How the popular bloggers keep up I’ll never know!


The internet. Good here innit?!  🙂 xox




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  1. Congratulations on your 1000s post! You are a very efficient blogger (not like me these days…). I couldn’t agree more that learning new things is brilliant and, as I have recently found out (reading The Happiness Project by G.Rubin), adds a lot to our overall happiness. K.

    P.S. I hope you had a nice piece of chocolate cake to celebrate this occasion.

  2. Congrats on so many posts!
    I love blogging too, learnt so much and made some good friends through it too.
    Although, like you, my Bloglovin’ is always overflowing and I can rarely keep up with all the blogs I want to read!

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