Spiralizing Is Here!

After months of being indecisive about getting one of those Spiralizers I keep seeing on other blogs, and, where else, Pinterest; the decision was mostly taken out of my hands when I was gifted an Amazon voucher towards one.

spiralizer review

They’re not hugely expensive but I just couldn’t tell if one would cope with my clumsyness. I can trip over on a blade of grass and cut myself on a blunt knife so how on earth would I get on with something that had not one but three different blades?! Quite well as it goes 🙂

spiralizer review

I’ve been buying packs of those so-called ‘zero’ noodles and the pasta and rice equivalents…trying to lessen carbs and calories in my diet. Groupon deals are a Godsend for these by the way because they’re not cheap!

But, finding out I could do something with courgette with one of these spiralizer things caught my interest. I’m not a fan of most vegetables – you can blame my mum for pandering to my fussy eating tendencies growing up! – but, courgette is on my yes list.

Getting this out of the box you might feel that the instructions are rather sparse, but, if I can follow them and work out what goes where, then anyone can I’d have thought!

I used each blade to get a little look at how things come out and then set to making my ‘noodles’, or, as I’m told the cool kids are calling it, ‘courgetti’!

spiralizer review

Within minutes I had it sussed 🙂

You do get a core bit left over which I just get rid of but I’ve heard some people save these bits from various veg and make soup or stock.

I made a seafood stir-fry with these as the noodles and it was lovely and I’ll use the slightly wider blade for ‘pasta’with sauce.

This will already be better value for money than buying packets but I’m also imagining pretty garnishes at Christmas time!



It’s super easy to clean and I also love that it all packs away tidily with proper spaces for your spare blades. If you’re really short on space everything comes apart and folds fairly flat to go in a drawer. Most of all I love the suction attachment which means I can keep both hands on what I’m doing instead of trying to make sure the spiralizer doesn’t move towards the edge of the worktop. Brilliant.


Have you got one?
How do you use yours?


*I was provided with a voucher towards part of the cost of the Spiralizer in exchange for an honest Amazon review. I’m sharing my thoughts here too because I’m so pleased with it. Affiliate link included.

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