Woof Wednesday: Stella’s 8 Photos Of Happiness

A few weeks ago I shared my 8 photos of happiness…I said at the time that it was tempting to have Stella in all of them so I’ve let her choose 8 of her own 🙂

8 photos of happiness
First photo in my new forever home. A happy home at last 🙂
8 photos of happiness
Granny’s comfy sofa always made me happy. Now she’s got a new posh one and I’m not allowed up anymore, need to work harder on the pleading eyes!
8 photos of happiness
Mum found this great space near our old walkies haunt. She lost count of the tennis balls we lost but I loved it there!
8 photos of happiness
Doing walkies for good causes makes me happy – and I get lots of fuss and praise and treats!
8 photos of happiness
There is nothing I like better on a warm day than to find a cool muddy puddle. This particular one made me very happy. It made Mum very unhappy though as we weren’t close to home so I had to get in the car…plus…it wasn’t just mud in there! I was a very stinky Stella!
8 photos of happines
Being a bloggy doggy often makes me happy. I get sent some lovely parcels…this was one of the first – aren’t I a lucky girl?
8 photos of happiness
Naps make me happy…especially when I can get comfy on Mum’s bed. My bed is so boring!
8 photos of happiness
Balls. Any size. Any colour. Anywhere. I love balls. I’m not great at fetching them more than once but I love to know they’re there and that they’re mine. I have been known to come home with balls other than my own but I just love them so much!


What makes your woofers happy?


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    1. Thank you. As you know, life isn’t all roses around the door at the moment but it’s good to focus on the happy bits 🙂

  1. Hi Lisa, I love the shine on Stella’s coat, she looks so clean! I think Stella chose well, and how she’ll be able to improve her pleading eyes I have no idea, I’d give in every time!

    Our dogs are happy having a romp in the olive groves and as yukky as it may sound they seem to love a nice fresh sheep dropping too. Can’t get my head round that one either!


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