Taking Stock and Making Plans

I mentioned to gorgeous Michelle at Life Outside London the other day that I hadn’t done a ‘Taking Stock’ post in a while thinking it had only been a few months…January 2014…where the flip does all the time go?!

It seemed a good idea with changes afoot as to where I’ll be living and is also a most excellent way to procrastinate when I should be making lists and maintaining the keep/sell/recycle/rubbish piles!

taking stock Oct 2015

So, at the moment I’m…

Making a very slight dent in getting a few blog posts scheduled, I remember to write ideas down but never do anything with them till the last minute!

Drinking chocolate tea. If you haven’t, you must!

taking stock oct 2015

Raging about a couple of quite offensive blog content offers. Not offensive in the mucky way, but wanting me to promote Cesar Millan. I think not!

Reading nowhere near enough. Halfway through ‘The Language Of Flowers’ by Vanessa Diffenbaugh which is utterly lovely but the silly dizzy migraines make reading more than 2 pages at a time really difficult. Also still dipping in-and-out of Tony Cruse’s 101 Doggy Dilemmas which I reviewed recently.

Wanting KFC chicken, chips, and, gravy. It won’t happen but that’s what I want.

Looking at Stella, feeling slightly ill that she always does that sleeping with half an eye open thing when she’s on the sofa.

taking stock oct 2015
Obligatory pretty dog photo

Playing a lot of country music and already desperate for Nashville Season 4!

Wasting time worrying about things I can’t change!

Deciding whether I can be bothered to cook or have a bowl of cereal for tea

Wishing I was lucky (corny but true!)

Enjoying having the Winchesters back on my tellybox. I say Winchesters, I mean just Dean 😉

taking stock October 2015
image made by agentsimar at cutthroathippiegang.com

Liking Thursdays at work more than the other days; most Thursdays my sister-in-law visits and I get to skive and have baby nephew cuddles! 🙂

Wondering if I’ll ever find a pair of jeans that fit me like those black Levis in 1991?!

Knowing that I most probably won’t.

Loving that there’s such a thing as #chocolateweek not that I need any excuse!

Pondering how I’m going to perfect the minimalist style my migraines mean my home requires when I want all of the pretty things!

Considering how I’m going to afford all of the pretty things!

Watching ‘The Secret Life Of Dogs’ from back in the Summer, in the hope that the tips about stopping your dog eating all the poo will help with Stella’s revolting habit. Also feeling grateful that, unlike the Labrador on the telly, she doesn’t eat her own!

Hoping my new home kerfuffle is sorted quickly and I can get on with planning my move.

Marvelling at the sheer amount of paperwork you can accumulate in just a few years. Where I can, at home, I use paperless billing so where the dickens does it all come from and why the dickens have I kept it?!

Smelling not much at all, I’ve been having and on-off relationship with a cold since September.

Wearing lots of layers…outside is cold, the car is warm, my office is hot…plus it only rains at the moment when I’m in a cardi instead of a coat! Could explain why I keep catching a cold though 😉

Planning a brand new bathroom – this could end very disappointingly if the house move doesn’t happen! I’ve already changed my mind a million times between bath and shower but I haven’t changed my mind about wanting purple tiles!

Following far too many people on Twitter to regularly make sense of my timeline but I love each and every one just a little bit.

Realising I have too much art and not enough wall space.

Losing patience with South Cambs District Council.

Thinking about Christmas presents for the best baby boy in the world ever.



Feeling like I should be making a Christmas list already.

Buying bargains in charity shops and antique shops before thinking what I’ll have to give away or sell to make room for them!

Giggling at my lack of self control!


What have you lot been doing?

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  1. Great post. Ooh chocolate tea – I’m not sure! I love that photo of Stella, she’s so beautiful. Sadly Bubbles has the same revolting habit but she does eat her own. Ugh. I love dogs but they are rank.xx

  2. Normally I’m really fussy and don’t like any flavoured teas – but I think I might be able to make an exception for chocolate! 😉

    Those ‘Secret Life of’ shows were so cool. I always kind of want to set up a webcam to see what the dog gets up to… #pocolo

  3. Chocolate tea is the mutts proverbials. True story. Have you tried the TeaPigs one? I drink it when I’m feeling all fancy.
    And if you ever figure out how to stop the beautiful Miss Stella from scoffing her own poop please let me know, Pete too is the most revolting creature!
    Hoping your cold bogs off soon
    M x

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