The A to Z of Colouring In For Grown-Ups ( & a giveaway too!)

You know me, I love a bit of colouring-in, so you can imagine my delight when a brand new book landed on my doormat recently…

a to z colouring maps

I was also pleased there wasn’t a man on the premises to mock me about my real-life map skills!

With that point in mind though, what a good idea it would be to keep this in the car for those map-reading-gone-wrong traffic jam moments?! You will be having a row and colouring in is a perfect way to be calm and relaxed I’ve found 🙂

Back to the book and though there are several traditional city centre maps to colour there are also some brilliant abstracts to enjoy in this new addition to the A – Z range.

a z colouring screenshot

az colouring 1 contour lines

az colouring 2 map symbols

I’ve done a couple of examples quite speedily to show you for this review but the rest of the book will be taken at my usual leisurely pace with lots of time taken over the perfect colour combinations and precisely sharpened pencils. I am especially looking forward to the houses of parliament 🙂

az parliament

I thought one of the contour lines pages would be ideal for rainbow colours and got together my 7 pencils. The others may well end up as shades of green, or blue, or. surprise surprise, purple!

For this occasion I got my very favourites, from Faber Castell’s Polychromos range, and used them for the map symbols page. I didn’t realise how many  there are even though I drive by them so often. If people aren’t looking for a particular place or landmark, the signs go largely ignored I’d imagine.

az colouring 1 rainbow

az colouring 2 purples

This book could be the way forward to introducing the stressed gentlemen in our lives to colouring…it’s definitely been a female-dominated trend so far but boys (at least the ones in my family) enjoyed colouring in as kids just as much as the girls so why not when they grow up too. I’m sure they’d agree they need relaxation as much, if not more, than we do!

I’ve loved doing these to share with you and looking forward to the rest of the book 🙂

az contour lines colouring

az map symbols colouring

I hate to mention the C word when it’s still only October, but, one of these would be on my Christmas list if I didn’t have one already. I’m sure you’ll agree this is a brilliant stocking filler (RRP £7.95) for those people that don’t need anything!

But, what is this I spy with my little eye…

a z colouring book giveaway

The lovely A – Z map people have generously sent me 2 of the new colouring book to give away to you.

To win one, tell me the last time you used a map…it can be sat nav, phone app, or a proper map like an A – Z.

[I’m still waiting for an app that can find my car in Tescos car park! ;)]

Competition open to UK only I’m afraid and ends at 23:59 on Friday 20th November 2015. The 2 winners will be drawn by the WordPress random winner picker and be announced on Saturday 21st November via Twitter and Facebook.



*I received one copy of the A-Z colouring book for the purpose of this post and 2 to giveaway to readers.

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  1. I last used my Sat Nav today, I had to go pick up a Christmas gift I had ordered. They are so useful, as my map reading is awful… I have been known to have it upside down 🙂

  2. I used sat nav to find my daughters dance class when she started in September, it took me to the wrong place typically

  3. I used a map yesterday to find a restaurant where I was meeting people for lunch. I don’t own a mobile phone as I hate phones, so before I left I printed out a map showing how to get to the restaurant from the nearest tube station.

  4. When I was last in London (early October) I decided to wonder around because I was early – luckily London has a lot of maps for those who get lost – I used several to make sure I was heading in the right direction. I also used my paper tube map to navigate the underground!

  5. I had to use a map last week when I went up to London, had everything mapped out where to go what to see, but still got lost!!!!! never give map to sister WHO CANT READ A MAP

  6. I used the map app on my phone to navigate through wakefield city centre, as I had to collect my son from the train station.

  7. Up until about May of last year I was anti Sat Nav and had never used one. Now I use it all the time and wouldn’t be without it. The last time I used it was yesterday when trying to find a pub we had never been to before.

  8. I used my sat nav on a recent trip to Germany, for the majority of the time I “flew blind” cos the sat nav kept telling me I was in a field. Guess who didn’t update the maps before she left home. Whoops!

  9. the last time i used my sat nav was 2 weeks ago when my partner got rushed into hospital under blue lights and i had to take my car,

  10. I used google maps yesterday to check how far a particular place was from my home, and how long it would take to get there!

  11. Oh I love love love to colour so does my daughter and I have been looking tonight to get some colouring books for xmas!

    1. Hi again doh me! I didnt put when I last used a map in my post (feel free to cancel that entry) The last time I used a map was….never LOL! I am useless with a map so I always get someone else to read the map 🙂

      Oh I love love love to colour so does my daughter and I have been looking tonight to get some colouring books for xmas!

  12. I used to phone app to find my way round a one way system in sheffield to go to an unusual type of night out called the escape rooms! you are locked in 1 of 4 rooms for 45 minutes and have to solve the clues to escape its fantastic i really unusual night out that i deffo recommend!
    @trinimamabebe im following you on twitter

  13. To Bramham horse trials in the summer. Our sat nav was sending us back home again so we used the old-fashioned method instead. Very lucky with our timing as 5 minutes after we arrived I saw my favourite rider trot his horse up before the show-jumping started and took a photo of him and he retweeted it on Twitter! 🙂 Very happy. (Sorry for the long explanation).

  14. Used the satnav at the weekend to drive my daughter back to her new home. Wouldn’t be without a satnav nowadays, so easy

  15. the last time i used a map was around a week ago on my phone when i was looking for a house when i went to view my new kitten and reserve her

  16. The last time I used a map… it was a disaster! And it wasn’t my fault.

    We rented a car in Corfu and decided to see the whole of the island. I don’t like mountains. In a normal world a map can tell you which areas are higher than the others and green colour means flat, right? Apparently not in Greece…

    We were driving along the coast, around mount Pantokrator, on the green “bits” and suddenly we were somewhere high up in a tiny town where the main street was so narrow that it had to be a one way lane, but it wasn’t! We had to get down somehow and I swear a few times I wanted to get out of the car and walk. I’m so pleased the brakes were working properly. We survived, but I stopped trusting that particular map.

    K. xxx

    P.S. I have a few UK addresses.

  17. I used a map in my phone just this weekend while accompanying my sister and niece on university visits in an unfamiliar town!!

  18. We were in Lisbon recently and I had a good look at the sea chart for the river and bay – lots of buoys and channel markers. And to get around the narrow streets one of those mini pop out pocket maps 🙂 love @becinmonto

  19. About 3 years ago
    Went to Birmingham sea life centre with four kids
    Well I used my map on Google to find the place from the train station however I didn’t realise until I got back to the train station I had it by car not walking, worst thing was I didn’t see a big huge sign that was in the station showing you the quickest way to get their quickly
    A 12 minute walk took us 45 minutes :0 at least the kids slept that night lol x

  20. I actually had to use the Map on my phone because I wasn’t paying attention and hopped onto the wrong bus! I was quite far from home before I realised too lol, so jumped off the bus and used the map to find a main road and a bus back towards the direction I was supposed to be heading lol x

  21. the last time l used a map was last week while on a short break in Pembrokeshire. l used the AA map book as many roads we travelled on were quite minor roads

  22. During August we drove up to the lakes for a few days and the sat nav gave out in this little village in the middle of nowhere… it was frozen, unusuable, and so my son and I had to use a map to figure out how to get to our hotel and around the place for the next few days… it’s well sign posted, but still annoying not having sat nav available! it’s amazing how quickly you end up relying on things, isn’t it!!

  23. Last used a map in Devon in the summer. My partner relies on the satnav but I prefer the safe backup of a proper map!

  24. Many years ago when we were going on holiday in the UK to somewhere we had never been before, think Mum was the best map reader 🙂

  25. Hi Lisa, I am hopeless when it comes to map reading, but I recon that this colouring book would get me paying more attention. Shame I live over here as this is one giveaway I’d like to enter. Oh well… There’s always Christmas!


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