national lorry week 2015

National Lorry Week – Trucking Brilliant

Growing up in one of the most rural parts of Norfolk would be a peaceful existence wouldn’t you think? Not for this country girl. I was brought up amongst HGV truckers and mechanics; home was a road haulage yard and our bungalow was surrounded by lorries and workshops. Noisy, dirty, and, immense fun as a kid to get mucky and have your dad always get the blame! My dad started out as a humble lorry driver but, when I was just 3, set up his own road haulage company. Not quite East Anglia’s answer to Eddie Stobart but he did meet him in his youth!

national lorry week 2015

As I grew older, the lorry drivers that had been like uncles when I was at primary school, became more like big brothers. I remember before I got married, my then boyfriend got accosted at the Christmas party and warned not to mess me about. He came back from the bar and said “they’re all very protective of you aren’t they?!” Too right. He listened for the most part, until we moved away.

17 years, one divorce and another failed relationship behind me, I left Suffolk and I returned to a job at the family business. This, though dull at times, has worked out for the best, as I very much doubt my ill health would allow a full time job elsewhere.

It’s pretty much just me and Dad now but we buy and sell those big lorries and trailers instead of working out the logistics of getting cargo from A to B at the most competitive price – never easy – have you seen the price of diesel?!

National Lorry Week 2015

However, it’s time to recognise that most of what we eat, drink, wear and use has spent time on the back of a lorry.  Homes, places of work, hospitals, shops, restaurants and schools all rely on an efficient cost-effective, transport and logistics network.

Lorries quite literally move the UK economy  – BUT – due to driver shortage that movement is threatened.

“Eighty-five per cent of everything we buy, eat, wear and use is moved by a UK-registered lorry. This contributes £74.5b to the UK economy. But more drivers are desperately needed. That could be YOU!” says Richard Burnett, chief executive of the RHA

As part of its drive to raise awareness around the vital role this sector plays in delivering daily life to every part of the UK, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) is holding National Lorry Week.  The aim is to raise the profile of the UK’s haulage industry, both as an essential service provider and as an excellent, and often overlooked, career opportunity.

The road haulage industry makes your world turn – so why not become a part of it?

RHA National Lorry Week provides you with the opportunity to appreciate the lorry. UK hauliers will be opening their doors and inviting you to:

  • Get up close and personal with a lorry
  • Meet operators and drivers and hear their stories
  • Learn about a career as an HGV driver and other industry-related jobs
  • Find out what our industry is doing to reduce its impact on the environment

Check out the National Lorry Week webpage for details of when and where you can get involved.

It’s not all fry-ups and yorkies and honking your horn, but, if you’ve ever complained about the roads being full of foreign lorry drivers, now’s an ideal time to do something about it.

I know a lot of people talk about carbon footprints and the environment. But, realistically, could or would any of you go back to a time when road haulage wasn’t needed?

Couldn’t write this without thinking about this classic piece of old telly!

not to mention one of Chris Moyles’ better parodies!

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  1. It’s nice to hear that you have great memories with your lorry. Totally agree that lorries has been a great help to people when it comes carrying and transporting goods. Trucking industry right now is in its peak and looking for drivers. As long as it gives people great compensation then their is a great chance that they will enter trucking industry.

  2. An excellent and informative post, Lisa!
    My Dad was a lorry driver for 25 years and I was allowed to sit in with him once which made me feel very important lol. My eldest brother used to be his van boy on a Saturday morning.
    This post brings back some memories that I’d forgotten about so thank you. 🙂 X

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. It’s very important to help! Especially if you get to share a Yorkie or a Mars bar 🙂 x

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