My Daddy Was A Lorry Driver

A poem for National Lorry Week πŸ™‚

A poem very much more light-hearted than last week πŸ™‚

National Lorry Week 2015


My daddy was a lorry driver,
His truck, it was bright blue.
My mummy washed his overalls,
They were bright blue too.

My daddy was a lorry driver,
Country road to traffic jam.
He always had a flask of tea,
And, sandwiches with ham.

My daddy was a lorry driver,
He’d work from dusk till dawn.
Delivered local vegetables,
To markets, early morn.

My daddy was a lorry driver,
He drove the A to Zed.
He was up and lorry driving,
While we were still in bed.

My daddy was a lorry driver,
It was a long career.
I sometimes used to go with him,
But he’d never let me steer.

My daddy was a lorry driver,
For industry and farm.
The hard workΒ and the fresh air,
Never did him any harm.

My daddy was a lorry driver,
But then he was the boss.
If you didn’t drive your lorry right,
It made him very cross!

My daddy was a lorry driver,
And should really be retired.
But he keeps me in a job,
I hope I don’t get fired!

National Lorry Week 2015

National Lorry Week 2015

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  1. What a lovely poem! I’m sitting on the motorway now (in the car on the way back from an event) and the number of lorries on the motorway is crazy. I forget that they’re someone’s Dad. Have a great week

  2. Such a cute poem and it really reminded me of my Dad who passed away this year. He had a courier service and used to be up early all the time, driving around in his van. I remember going with him on the longer journeys sometimes to keep him company.

  3. Gosh who knew there was a thing as ‘Lorry Week’ this is Fab.
    I remember clearly being different to all my class mates, as they were dreaming and writing about becoming Dr’s, football players, ballet dancers, and there was me wanting to become a Lorry Driver, yes I liked to be different.
    My children love going on Motorways, to count all the different lorries about, sometimes they get a wave and sometimes 3 of the same lorries come along at the same time.
    What a fun and light post this is, thanks for sharing and great poem, Sadie

    1. Thank you Sadie πŸ™‚ I remember my schoolmates being thrilled I could get a toot toot for us all from a passing truck! Happy days.

    1. I doubt it’s something that would’ve caught my attention were it not for my history! I had lots of fun writing this week πŸ™‚ x

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