Woof Wednesday: Stella’s Birthday Giveaway

It hardly seems a year since she had one but Stella has a birthday again tomorrow. A superior senior lady of 12, we’ll be celebrating with extra fuss and cuddles, and, no doubt, far too many extra treats!

1 I heart stella gotcha

There was a big puppy called Stella,
More faithful to me than a fella!
Always by my side,
She fills me with pride,
And “I love you” is what I tell her.

Life’s not always perfect of course,
She has the appetite of a horse,
Her farts are so stinking,
My eyes are watering and blinking,
And I open the windows with force!

Traditional birthday ditty done with, the kind people at Fox Chapel Publishing sent us a copy of their new book, ‘Making Clothes For Your Dog’, to give away this week.

lisas-life.com making clothes for your dog

I’m about as much use as a chocolate teapot when it comes to needlework, but, I know a lot of you are much more handy than me so you may like to have a go at this.

lisas-life.com making clothes for your dog lisas-life.com making clothes for your dog

I’m no expert but the book looks very well put together with clear instructions and a handy envelope in the back for the patterns.

I’ve taken a few photos so you can get a little idea and also picked out a couple of items that are most suitable at this time of year when walkies are either cold or wet!

lisas-life.com making clothes for your dog lisas-life.com making clothes for your dog

 As you can see, the models are teeny-tiny but the book has a size guide so you can make these items for proper size dogs too. Most are too frilly for Stella but I do like the hoodie. She’s a bit of a tomboy like me I think!

So, if you’d like to have a go at making clothes for dogs or know someone that would, all you have to do to enter is tell me your favourite dog breed in the comments.

UK only I’m afraid and the competition will end at 11:59pm Tuesday 24th November. The winner will be chosen by the WordPress random giveaway picker and I will announce who it is on Woof Wednesday 25th November on Twitter and Facebook. I appreciate this isn’t running as long as other giveaways but I’d like to get it sent out before the postal system goes bonkers in December!

Good luck!  🙂

* We were sent this book to for the purpose of  offering a giveaway our readers, Amazon link is affiliate.


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  1. Happy birthday!!! I would love to win this book- I teach textiles in school and have lots of kids who want to make clothes for those pets. This would be amazing!!

  2. Well we have a Jug! So would it be so awful to admit that I also like King Charles Spaniels? I had to check over my shoulder that he wasn’t watching me write that. He is a great little dog though, Pug cross with Jack Russell in case anyone is wondering, a greedy bundle of energy who just doesn’t stop!

  3. I think my husband would leave me if i made clothes for Bob, although I do tease him that when he is away i dress the cat up in a tutu and pink ballet slippers (obviously I don’t of course) I know quite a few people who dress their dogs in the winter and can think of one of two people I could gift this book to in the UK

  4. PS – I don’t usually allow give-aways on #AnimalTales but this is too cute for me to tell you off LOL …. can I be naughty and also enter as I have a UK address you can send my prize too and I have a friend who would ADORE this book as she is forever buying clothes for her Yorkie and is a great seamstress (unlike me whose sewing skilled are limited to sewing on buttons and darning socks – I am rather good at the latter!)

    Favourite breed – shhh, don’t tell Saari …. LABRADOR (but very closely followed by Husky x German Shepherd!)

  5. Hi Lisa and a big fat Happy Birthday to Stella. The ditty did make me smile and why do dogs farts stink so much,but not seem to bother them?

    One of our little dogs does have a ‘storm’ jacket that I put on him when the weather is really bad and we are out and about and this winter I was thinking of keeping his fur short (so much easier to handle) and would love to stick him in a cable knit jumper, when the temperatures drop. (I’d wet myself laughing, so it would be fun too).

    Now if I was handy in the needlework department (I’m a let down to my Mother who is a great seamstress and tried to teach me), I probably would check out this book,but alas it’s not for me. Although I am sure there are plenty of people who will love this book. It certainly would make a perfect Christmas present for someone.


  6. I can barely clothe myself, let’s not throw the pressure of dog dressing into it – just wanted to wish Stella the woofiest of birthdays. P and B send licks and bum sniffs and all that jazz. Not their balls though, they don’t share balls, not even on your birthday.
    Much love Stella, have a bodacious day
    M xx

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