I’m Still Not A Hairy Biker

I was talking to a friend the other day about trying to lose weight without giving up tasty food while I can’t exercise as much as I’d like.

When he mentioned the Hairy Bikers diet cookbook I thought back to my lasagna experiment but then he said pie. Pie?! Who doesn’t like a pie?

I know I do but couldn’t work out how they would make it much lower fat. The secret’s in the pie crust…it’s very thinly rolled pizza dough instead of pastry!

There’s an easy to use recipe on the BBC food pages…

Of course there are things in there that I won’t go near (carrots and peas for a start!) so I adapted the filling for my own taste, as can you. hairy bikers diet pie

I like any sort of onion but love leek so swapped that and peas became mushrooms. In place of carrot and potato I used swede but bought it ready cubed 🙂

The chilli was replaced with garlic and celery salt and my minced beef mix turned out brilliantly and was really delicious.

The pizza dough part however was not such a success!

It looks OK as you’ll see, but, I had a gluten free mix. This recipe didn’t like the gluten free mix. It tasted horrid too so I won’t be making that mistake again. hairy bikers diet pie

I will make these again though in some form as I got 3 meals out of this. I have low fat shortcrust pastry in the freezer and some light puff; originally intended for mincemeat Christmas goodies but we’ll see which I fancy first.

It’s a bit more faffing than I’m used to just for myself but at least I know exactly what’s in it which can’t be a bad thing!

Have you tried any of the Hairy Bikers diet recipes?



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  1. Hi Lisa, it’s a shame your pie crusts didn’t turn out quite as expected, it’s a bummer when that happens! They do like nice too which is even worse. I do like the idea of using a pizza dough as pie crust.

    Better luck next time!


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