Chocolate Christmas Cake chocolate orange cranberry christmas cake

This Christmas I’m not actually doing any baking as I’m really trying to be strict with myself about losing weight and getting fitter. Gradually the dizzy migraines are subsiding so on good days I’m really working hard at reaching my targets.

That’s not to say the hunger pangs don’t strike when the Timehop app reminds me of last year’s mini marzipan mince pies and other delicious treats but I have to stay strong!

But, a few weeks ago, when I was having a kitchen clear out as I thought I was moving I came across a box of Betty Crocker cake mix that had been forgotten. It was getting close to its best before date so there really was no other option than to make it! chocolate christmas cake

However we were approaching the festive season so I wondered How I could make it a little bit more exciting.

By chance (believe that you’ll believe anything!) I happened to have a dark chocolate orange handy. So, on somewhat of a time-consuming whim I grated a couple of segments to decorate the top of the cake and then chopped some dried cranberries to make it pretty. chocolate christmas cake

It was actually really lovely and took a little of the double chocolate richness away…and no I didn’t eat it all, it went to work with me and family had some as did colleagues at the charity shop.

No complaints 🙂


I think this would make a brilliant Christmas cake substitution for those that don’t like fruit cake – my sister-in-law for example.

Will you have proper Christmas cake this year or an alternative?






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