Woof Wednesday: Geocaching in Mud & Nettles

Hello, Woofers!

As you know, Mum and I love to go geocaching. Even more so now that I have a magic collar and she’s having fewer dizzy migraines 🙂

Last week we decided to do a series that was quite local to us. The main reason being that our proper car is at the car hospital and the car they let Mum have is very tiny, very horrid to drive, and very, very white! Things don’t stay clean long when we go adventuring so we thought we’d do some that we could walk to. It was a long walk but it did us both good, especially Mum because she wants to walk more steps to lose more weight or something.

(note from editor – yes, a car will wash, but, having already had several, erm, heated discussions with the car place about Stella not being allowed in it for health and safety reasons, I’m trying to use it as little as possible. We arrived at an agreement ( a wash and full valet before return) but the less I wind them up the better as if they mention health and safety because of people with dog allergies again I may have to tell a white lie about having a peanut allergy and are they stopping people that eat peanuts from hiring cars? I think not!)

Sorry for the rude interruption woofers, these humans do get bees in their bonnets don’t they?!

Anyway, Mum is friends on the Twitter with another blogger who loves geocaching and they only just found out we’re all quite local to each other. Last year Clare at Mud & Nettles set up a series of geocaches so we decided this would be a good time to go off and do them.

We won’t post too many photos as we don’t want to give you spoilers in case you decide to visit and do this series too. It’s called Lofty’s Loop and is a lovely muddy walk! Normally when things have a name like this it’s after a four-legged friend but, on this occasion, there is a bridge at the middle of the walk that is known locally as Lofty’s Bridge.

Off into town, we set and we’d already got close to the doctor’s surgery before Mum realised she hadn’t taken a photo yet. Honestly, you can’t get the staff!

06 01 2016 gc10 lofty's loop 1 what the ladybird heard 1

We carried on further to some roads we hadn’t been to before and started a search for the first of the 6 geocaches. Clare had called it ‘What The Ladybird Heard’ and we will show you this but not where it lives.

06 01 2016 gc10 lofty's loop 1 what the ladybird heard 4

It might be the cutest thing we ever saw!

As we went further the walk got awfully muddy and Mum said she hoped it’s lovely and dry in Spring and Summer as it would be a nice walk ‘just for fun’ – mud is fun!

We saw lots of birds and animals along the way. Of course, Mum wanted to stop and photograph everything. The silly girl only had the iphone though – I expect when we come back ‘just for fun’ she’ll bring a proper camera. I know she was annoyed because we saw a big heron and she just couldn’t capture it to show you. I bravely said hello to some chickens though so I expect that was a consolation for her!

saying hello to a chicken jan 2016

There were some huge muddy puddles along the way too but I only got to go in them when Mum was concentrating on lining up the next cache. She just kept telling me to stay close to her and to walk around them and to please not get too filthy. In fairness, though I love getting really mucky I do really hate having to get clean when we get home!

06 01 2016 gc13 lofty's loop 4 Lofty's Loot 2

This is Lofty’s Bridge and is the nearest landmark to the biggest geocache of the series. I can’t tell you what fun it was watching Mum retrieve it but suffice to say she didn’t tell me off for getting wet or muddy for the rest of our walk!

A nice man stopped to chat to us here as well but he didn’t think he’d be going quite as far. Mum did explain that we were only in such a state of disarray because of our hobby but I’m not sure he believed her!

06 01 2016 gc13 lofty's loop 4 Lofty's Loot 6

We now had 4 out of 4 and were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

But that was all soon to change…

According to Clare’s instructions we were to cross the field and negotiate an old ramshackle bridge. When we followed the compass though there was a pretty new bridge with a shiny gate…hmmm…we carried on anyway and the compass said we were still correct. But, when we got to ground zero (what geocachers call the place that the GPS co-ordinates lead to) there was another brand new shiny gate and the old one and fence just lying around. This stumped Mum as she thought she knew where the cache would be. We looked this way and that and Mum tried fumbling with bits and pieces to no avail.

“This is no good Stella,” she said, “the sky’s turning black and we’re still a long way from home, I think we’d better give up on this one for now.”

So, we reluctantly posted a DNF (did not find) log mentioning the new stuff and set off for (hopefully) the 6th cache and then make our way home.

Because of the name of the last one we knew we’d been geocaching here before. We also knew it was brilliant for hiding and may take a good while to find too.

06 01 2016 gc14 lofty's loop 6 Ruby's Revenge 1

Look at all that ivy! Mum was just about to give up when she spotted it, yay 🙂

5 out of 6 wasn’t bad and we managed to get home without getting soaked too.

Clare sent Mum a message on Twitter as she’d been to check number 5 and it was still there and we were in the right place so Mum said we’d go back another day.

This is what we did on Saturday.

09 01 2016 gc 17 Lofty's Loop 5 - Pole Position b

It was busier being the weekend though so we loitered around the gate a while waiting for people and pooches to move through the field.

Mum couldn’t stop laughing when she realised that the cache was exactly where she thought it was, she just couldn’t get her wet muddy fingers to retrieve it. Much easier on Saturday and she soon had the log signed.

We had brilliant fun!

Have any of you woofers been geocaching yet?


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  1. This looks such fun and combines things I Love – the countryside, walking, maps, and photography. I really must get and do some geocaching one day .. although I can feel Saari moaning about the stop starting before we even start! Many thanks for adding this to #AnimalTales.

  2. I have never gone geocaching, but my husband is keen to try it, we might have to give it a go this summer. I am glad you are both feeling better too, and hopefully the mud washed off! 😉


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