The Prompt: Go

Should I stay or should I go?
Is there a simple way to know?

Every day you make me smile,
Though I’ve not seen you in a while.

When we meet, we have such fun;
I’m just not sure that you’re ‘the one’.

Lots in common, this I love;
Differences too, heavens above!

I’m quite casual, you’re quite a snob;
But no sign of temper to make me sob.

Both love dogs, but you have a cat,
Can guess what Stella’d think to that!

If I go, well then, who to?
Can I move on? Start anew?

If I stay, and, give us a try,
Will I be asking myself why?

You’re as honest as the day is long,
Which makes my feelings for you strong.

Too much sometimes, you’ve not much tact;
Which isn’t how I like to act.

You’re separated, but still married…
We’ll stay just friends then; motion carried! the prompt go






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