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Chopping & Cooking: Skenda Knives

I was delighted recently to be offered the opportunity to give a set of Skenda knives a try. I’m not the safest girl in the kitchen with sharp things but really liked the look of these. skenda knives review

I love how the bold bright colours fit in with my kitchen bits and bobs and I love the fact that the blades are non-stick, antibacterial, and, non-porous, making them not only safe but easy to clean. skenda knives

I really like the fact that each of the knives ( Santoku, Bread, Carving, Paring, Utility & Chef ) comes with its own sheath and the claim of being ergonomically designed holds true too. skenda knives skenda knives

The chef and utility knives are already the most used knives out of all of those that I own and I’m almost as much of a knife fan as I am a stationery addict! Maybe I’ve been searching for the ones right for me though?

These are smooth to use and sharp from the off. They’ve only ever cut what’s intended and never my fingers and not many brands can say that! Well done Skenda 🙂

While we’re on the subject of food…some of you will have seen the Tasty video of the salmon and asparagus meal…I shared it on Facebook the other day too…

It looked easy enough for me to try and so I did…

salmon prep

Prepared with the help of my Skenda chef knife, chopping potatoes was easy. I don’t like ginger but made up for it with a little extra garlic!

salmon dinner

Delicious. But, not only delicious, healthy too. I’ll definitely be making this again 🙂


*I received the Skenda Knives set at a discounted price in order to do this review. Opinions, as always, are my own. Amazon link is affiliate.


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