Woof Wednesday: Owning A Pet Can Help Your Health

I’m living proof that this is true but the people at PetMeds recently conducted a survey to confirm it.

Their Chief Veterinary Officer, Andrew Bucher, flags that the health benefits of pet ownership are not only physical, but also extend to mental health. The research shows that humans have a strong emotional connection to their pets and that they have tangible benefits to our mental and psychological wellbeing.

The survey measured responses of over 2,200 respondents, all of whom own one or more pets*. Key findings:

  • 98% of dog owners agreed that their pet was a member of the family;
  • 84% of dog owners felt that having a dog helps them have more positive relationships with other people;
  • 64% of people feel more confident meeting new people if their dog is also present;
  • 73% strongly believe their dog is good for their mental health;
  • 62% of people strongly view their dog as a source of emotional support.


While there are multiple benefits of pet ownership, such as companionship and reducing stress, it has been proven that having a pet makes us live longer and animals can be useful in predicting seizures, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, and even monitoring their diabetic owners’ blood sugar levels.

Andrew Bucher, Chief Veterinary Officer, said:

“Britain has long been touted as a nation of animal lovers, which was confirmed last year when we spent a record £6 billion on our pets, but these findings demonstrate how important our pets are to our physical and mental wellbeing.

“It will come as no surprise to pet owners that our animals are good for us. However, the results of this survey really do highlight the extent to which humans depend on their pets to give them confidence in their relationships with other people and in maintaining strong mental health.

“January may be cold, dark, wet and depressing, however, the love, partnership and affection we show our pets is very much a two way relationship. They bring us so many benefits and it’s important we remember to repay them by treating them well and caring for their needs just as though they were a member of the family.”

*We were sent responses from cat owners too but Stella wasn’t interested in their opinion!

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It’s a given that my pet helps me feel better and IS a member of the family, what about yours?



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  1. You see, what this tells me is that the 2 per cent of dog owners who answered that their dogs are not part of the family are the same idiots who keep their dogs permanently in a kennel or chained up in the garden. If they’re not part of the family, don’t have a dog. Great post, I totally agree, dogs improve every aspect of health. Whilst things have been so terribly difficult here, the dogs are the only thing that have kept me going in many respects.

  2. absolutley, i don’t need a survey to tell me that, I’d be lost without my dog and cat. When the kids left home and hubby was working away and I was 6000 miles from home and alone, they really kept me going

  3. Absolutely – Saari is a family member although we do also remember that she is 98% wolf and treat her as a dog should be treated, not another child. She is also my ally in getting fitter, the reason I go outside every day no matter what the weather is (and that means I will be very wet today) and she is always there to support my every mood. Great post for #AnimalTales 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa, love the photo, although Stella does not look impressed! All our animals, including the not-so-feral cats, are part of the family and I would miss them if anything happens to any of them. When one of them is ill I worry more than if it was one of the children. I monitor them constantly.

    We had to have one of our dogs put down last summer and I still miss her terribly, even though I know it was the right thing to do.

    What we get back from our pets, you couldn’t buy in the shops and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


  5. I don’t know, I’ve sort of struggled to bond with my dogs…HA! Of course they’re part of the family. Potentially more so than the husband.
    Love love love this photo of you and Stella too. Gorgeous girls.
    M x

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