Woof Wednesday: Stella Goes To Soham

Hello, Woofers!

Hope you’re not all getting blown away by Storm Henry…he’s playing havoc with my soft velvety ears! 

Early on Saturday morning, Mum went out with my friend Petal’s Daddy to get some photos for one of her reviews…I did not want to leave the warm bed at silly o’ clock so I let her go with no complaint.

When she came back she said “right Stella, time for you to get up and have some breakfast and then we’re going for a big walk while it’s not raining, hurry up!”

Hurry up?! Rude. I don’t need telling twice to have some breakfast! Or lunch, or dinner, or supper for that matter! 

The sky looked quite grey to me so I dawdled about a bit and, indeed, there was a shower of rain. It didn’t last long so I was soon putting my car harness on and getting her to check the geocaching app.

lisas-life.com woof wednesday

As luck would have it there was quite a new series of 6 that had been published so we thought we’d have a look for those. Mum thought this was a brilliant opportunity to give her new wellies an outing so I guessed we were going somewhere I’d enjoy too…I do love the feeling of fresh mud between my paws, don’t you woofers? 🙂 

Well, the footpath we needed first had been brilliantly rained on and was lovely and sloshy! It wasn’t quite as wet as Wicken Fen…Mum was sinking when we went there last week! 

lisas-life.com woofwednesday

Mum wants me to tell you that even though you can obviously see my tumour is growing on the photos of the back of me, the cancer isn’t spreading anywhere else and I’m in no pain still. My medication and my magnetic collar are both working hard so I’m still very much enjoying walkies. 

On some days, I get very tired but Mum says to remember that I’m 13 this year so that’s to be expected anyway. 

We set off to find the first geocache and though we located it quite quickly, getting it out of its hidey-hole was quite another matter and Mum ended up fashioning some sort of retrieval tool from a piece of bramble. It did the job but she soon regretted it! 

lisas-life.com woof wednesday

It was very ouchy and blood kept coming out even after we’d reached the second location. Mum thought it best not to go near all the ivy and nettles and, even more brambles but we really wanted to carry on with our walk. I got a bit over-excited when I spotted water and had to be put on a short lead! 

lisas-life.com woofwednesday

I really wanted to jump off the little plank bridge into the water! You would too I bet?!

Quite soon, our walk got very exciting. We had to cross the very big road and then we had to cross a railway line! I was very well behaved and at the other side of each I got a good girl biscuit 🙂 

But, there was a problem. When we got to where the footpath to the woods should be, we found that the farmer had ploughed everywhere and there was no sign of which way to go! Mum thought it safest to go the long way around the edge of the field (also good for her ‘step count’ she said) and so that’s what we did. I think there were more interesting sniffs in the hedgerow this way so it wasn’t much of a hardship.

Soon enough, we were amongst the trees and looking for geocache #3. I thought we weren’t going to look for anymore but Mum said if they were in easy reach and she didn’t have to put her hand anywhere too dirty or sharp we should still do them. The next one was indeed in easy reach when we eventually found it but tree cover makes Mum’s signal thingy go wibbly so it took a while…worth it though…look!

lisas-life.com woof wednesday

We liked this one very much. We liked the next one very much too, but, Mum had to rescue it from the middle of the ditch as the stormy weather had dislodged him. we say him, it may have been a her…you decide.

lisas-life.com woof wednesday

We then had to go to the other side of the woods to get out for the next couple of caches. There was a little bridge to cross again but no water this time. As we got closer though, we heard voices…”have you found it?!”, “my signal’s gone, can you see anything?!”, “is it in there?!”, “can you get it?!”… we got to the bridge and a smiley lady looked up at us and said “hello!”

Mum said to her “I’m guessing you’re doing what we’re doing?” and the lady said that yes, she very much thought they were! There was a lady with a man, and, another lady. The another lady hadn’t met other geocachers before when they’d been out so she was very pleased to see us. She even held my lead so that Mum could sign the log book in the cache. I knew in my head that these were all friendly nice people but they were still strangers to me and I couldn’t stop shaking. I didn’t bark at them though so I got another good girl biscuit 🙂 

lisas-life.com woof wednesday

They told Mum that it was OK for us to walk over the ploughed field and so we got to go back that way. (They also gave away a little clue about the one we hadn’t looked for yet because of Mum’s poorly finger!)

lisas-life.com woof wednesday

The last geocache was quite close to the railway track. We had a jolly good look without Mum getting scratched again but couldn’t find it. A clue for this one would have been brilliant! Especially as these were all fun and unusual containers; this makes geocaching even better we think 🙂 

lisas-life.com woof wednesday

We had to go back the way we came, so, Mum said we’d have a little look around for cache number 2 on the way by.

lisas-life.com woof wednesday

Look! It’s an apple! I love apples! This one wasn’t real of course and the man that made these geocaches had even added a worm. Mum thought this was very funny indeed.

This meant we had found 5 out of 6 so we went home quite pleased with ourselves 🙂 

Have you visited geocaching.com yet to see if there are any doggy-friendly caching walks nearby? 


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  1. I haven’t ben Geocaching in ages! I have the app, but for some reason we just haven’t used it. But I’m quite inspired by your geocaching walk, I might have to do one myself – even though I don’t have a friendly doggy to keep me company!

    ~ K

  2. Geocaching looks like such a good way to get out and see more of the countryside … but Saari said there is NO WAY she’s let a stranger hold her. Far too scary!
    Thanks for joining in with #AnimalTales again, you two intrepid searchers of small things hidden in brambly places!

  3. it’s a great little trail and wonderfully quiet too, although that generally means I unleash my inner idiot if there’s nobody to see me. Oops.
    As for a hint, it’s a nice shiny bison you are looking for – away from the obvious geotrail.

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