Feeling Pretty Pert In Pertz

I was recently offered the chance of trying a pair of Pertz leggings. With a tagline of ‘The Shape Of Feeling Good‘, I’d have been daft to say no thank you wouldn’t I?!

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I’ve lost more than a dress size recently since starting my healthier habits but I still ordered large as my confidence is still sadly lacking and Pertz are admirably honest about their sizes coming up quite small.

I was right to do so.

lisas-life.com Pertz leggings

A cute little package arrived and my heart sank as I opened it…they looked like a size 8!

But, you know that struggle we have when carefully putting on a brand new pair of tights…all the wiggling and wriggling thinking the nylon will never ever fit? Please tell me it’s not just me! This is similar. A little jiggling around and the leggings slip on just fine.

Let me share a little from Pertz inventor Caroline Hyde:

‘I designed these leggings myself simply because I couldn’t find any on the high street that did the trick for me. I wanted leggings that do not fall down (hitching up leggings as you’re strolling along is not the best look), or give you a saggy and baggy knees and bum look. I wanted my leggings to give me shape and support, but also keep their shape too.’

I’m happy to report that Caroline seems to have realised her dream with Pertz.

They’ve walked the treadmill with me, they’ve walked Stella with me, they’ve curled up on the sofa to watch a movie with me and climbed stairs with me. No hitching! I’ll admit to being skeptical as it’s hard to imagine after years and years of hitching up anything I pull on, but, I’m converted.

Here’s more:

lisas-life.com Pertz reviewTHE TUMMY

The hidden tummy control panel will give you all the support you need. We can’t perform miracles and don’t profess to, but your Pertz leggings will deliver smoothness, support and limit bulges that other leggings leave behind.


Because of the quality of the fabric used to manufacture Pertz leggings, you can be sure of a smooth yet pert rear.



Most women will wear tunic tops or long jumpers over leggings, which will flatter the waist, tummy and bottom. 

Your legs however will be on display, and to ensure you feel confident and can stride out with gusto, Pertz leggings will give your legs that lovely definition and shape. 

Visible bumps from cellulite are minimised and if you should happen to suffer from the dreaded ‘leg wobble’ due to lack of toning, this too is taken care of.


I mostly wear my leggings, and jeggings, under long tops and shirt dresses, but it’s good to know that the bits on show are looking nice too.

At £45 a pair they won’t be the cheapest pair of leggings you ever buy but they may just be the most flattering. Pertz come in standard length plus capri for warmer days. It may not feel like it now but we will have warmer days!

Do you think you’d like to feel pert with Pertz?


* I was gifted one pair of Pertz leggings for the purpose of this review, all opinions are honest and my own.


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