Chippenham Park

A Show Of Snowdrops

On Sunday, I shared a photo from a recent visit to the beautiful gardens at Chippenham Park near Ely. I don’t know why I haven’t visited this gorgeous place that’s not far from home before now but a couple of hours spent there was certainly a treat. Chippenham Park

The award-winning gardens are open several times a year and for 2 weeks in February, they show off the amazing displays of snowdrops and other lovelies including Hellebore, Crocus, Dwarf Iris, and, of course, Daffodils. Chippenham Park Chippenham Park

There are wonderful animal sculptures plus other artworks through the park and around the lakes so there’s aways something to see and those two above aren’t the only hares either… chippenham park

This part of the grounds is Hare Hall and I loved it. There are ornamental hedgerows and individual small gardens but the imposing hare is the best feature 🙂 chippenham park

Snowdrops were showing their wares everywhere you turned but I think my favourite discovery was the several varieties of Dwarf Iris. I like the regular ones but these little cuties in blues and purples really caught my eye. So much so that when I saw some on the market in Ely this weekend I bought a few for my own garden. chippenham park

It’s a good long walk around but you can’t ever get bored of the lakes and the trees and the flowers and the art; lovely views everywhere…and benches dotted around too if you need a break. chippenham park chippenham park chippenham park chippenham park chippenham park chippenham park

There are tearooms too but I didn’t sample anything on this visit. I have it on good authority though that the food is great.

Dogs are allowed on leads but Stella was having a bit of a poorly day so stayed home on this occasion. I’m looking forward to taking her and getting her reaction to the giant hare!

I did meet a few doggies having lovely walks and there’s also a couple on permanent display…I’ve a feeling they’re probably statues of previous doggy inhabitants of Chippenham Park House. One of them has a bit of a stately Labrador look about it…could be one of Stella’s well-to-do ancestors! chippenham park chippenham park

Another feature is Chippenham Park’s very own Grand Canal…not of course as grand as its Venetian namesake but lovely nonetheless. The owl and otter installation a few photos above are situated at the end of it. Chippenham Park

Weddings are also held here and I’m guessing from the marquee activity I witnessed that one such occasion had happened recently. A beautiful location for it too. Chippenham Park

But you came for flowers so I shall leave you with flowers… Chippenham Park Chippenham Park

Have you taken too long to visit somewhere wonderful that’s always been close by?


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