Fatty To Fitty?

I wasn’t sure whether to write about my current weight loss and fitness ‘journey’ ( I hate it too, blame X Factor!)  but a few people now have suggested I should as I’m making decent progress.

Don’t panic though, there’ll be no before and after photo shenanigans going on here!

Some of you know I’ve had a pretty house-bound few years following my horrid bout of labyrinthitis back in 2012 and the resulting dizzy migraines and vertigo. Medical professionals maintain that the two aren’t connected but my common sense says different.

I’m still taking my preventative medicines but adding Vitamin D and removing my daily anti-histamine to and from the cocktail of vitamins and supplements has seen a vast reduction in symptoms and a vast increase in energy.

What with Stella’s DogStreamz success too, we’ve been able to really get back into our big walking and geocaching. On Sunday we did a new walk (more about this tomorrow for Woof Wednesday) that was the same distance as we’ll be doing for our sponsored walk in May with no ill effects for either of us. Happy with that 🙂

I was reading through some old e-mails and found I’d been sent an interesting story about health and fitness…apparently four in ten of us are actually only exercising to justify our calorie intake. I’m tempted to think this is probably fact.

Certainly I’ve made a concerted effort to reduce calorie intake, in as much as I’ve cut out bread and cakes and pastry, but there’s no way I’ve given up my dark chocolate (mostly because of it’s antioxidant properties you understand!)

I’ve increased the vegetables I have in meals but I’ve always eaten plenty of fruit and I’ve swapped my chocolate biscuit office snacks for a jar of dried fruit to dip into when I’m peckish. My biggest problem has always been, and remains, drinking enough water. Even now I’m getting a lot more exercise (over 10,000 steps now most days – this time last year, a lot of days were 2000 ) I still struggle to get water down me. I’ve tried all sorts of flavours and have put a lot of effort in, especially since my auntie told me that once you feel thirsty you’re already de-hydrated. Any suggestions?

My exercise routine isn’t even a routine really though I still do my balance physio each morning. If I’m going to work I just do a few tummy exercises and hope to get enough short walks in during the day. Being able to take Stella to work with me is brilliant motivation for getting up from the office desk from time to time. I’m loving that the evenings are getting lighter as this means we can get a walkies in after work too.


I’ve got a treadmill, though it’s currently packed away to make room for all the kitchen bits and pieces, but, as a rule, if I haven’t managed at least half my steps target during the day, I make myself get on there. That’s the only exercise that does feel like work…it’s not spontaneous or pleasurable…I make it more enjoyable by choosing great music but it’s still a chore.

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I’m also back to doing some yoga now that my balance is better so that will be really good…can’t get into running though it seems to be what everyone else is doing. Maybe one day I’ll get the urge?

My overall health isn’t awful as I’ve never smoked and rarely drink alcohol but even when I was skinny I didn’t feel especially fit. Fitness always needs working on but we all do it for different reasons I guess.

Included in the mail I was sent was a couple of top tens. Have a read and see what resonates with you…

Top ten reasons for exercising:

  1. To feel healthy
  2. To get fit
  3. To tone up
  4. To look good
  5. Because I feel like I should
  6. To build muscles/strength
  7. To fit into certain clothes
  8. To prepare for a holiday
  9. To be able to eat more unhealthy food
  10. To justify a big meal or night out

Top ten ‘after-exercise rewards’

  1. A bar of chocolate
  2. A glass of wine
  3. A slice of cake
  4. Biscuits/cookies
  5. A packet of crisps
  6. A takeaway
  7. A pint of beer
  8. Sweets
  9. An unhealthy meal
  10. Ice-cream

My top 2 reasons for exercising are to feel healthy and get fit but I’ll admit I’d like to look good again too. I can’t do much about my face, that hasn’t changed, but, now that I can do something about my body I’d like to get back to what I once was. I’m not being unrealistic and fantasising about the old 6-8 days from my teens and early twenties but, if I can achieve 10-12 I’ll be pleased. Towards the end of last year I had to buy 16-18 jeans…I have nothing whatsoever against larger ladies but my frame is naturally small and so I just looked wrong. Currently at 12-14 and just buying things in the charity shop and ebay as my shape is almost changing weekly. Plus, we have the ridiculous matter of shop sizing…I found a 12 coat that’s very roomy but I know I’m not ready for a size 12 coat yet so this one must have been stitched in Canada I think! Similarly I ordered a 14 skirt while I’m getting used to wearing skirts again…my heart sank when I saw it was made in China and they notoriously come up 2 sizes too small usually. It fit. It’s certainly not roomy but it went on without the zip giving way or anything!

As for rewards…yes chocolate is a high choice. Not a bar but the number of squares is dependent on the number of steps with occasional cheating! Once in a while I’ll have fish and chips as it’s my very favourite takeaway and I’m a strong believer that if you never have anything naughty while you’re trying to lose weight, the more you’ll crave it and the more likely you are to pile back on the pounds.

For me, this is more about getting a healthy life balance, the changes I’m making now have to be sustainable.

It’s not being easy or happening quickly enough but that’s OK. Considering I couldn’t do much at all 6 months ago without running the risk of falling over or was already too dizzy to attempt to anyway, I think I’m doing pretty well.

Long may it continue!

Do you reward yourself for exercising?


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