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Holding On To Heat

You’ll know I’ve started walking a lot more now I’m feeling better but, of course, I picked the coldest time of year to feel better!

I’m also a renowned moaner for having cold and uncomfortable feet, so, I jumped (almost literally) at the chance to try a pair of Heat Holders socks. Of course, I already have a couple of pairs of their cosy long welly socks but things have moved on since I last needed to get some and Heat Holders are about more, much more, than socks these days.

My local garden centre stocks the socks and hats and gloves, and I’ve seen the fleecy jumpers, but I think I need some thermal tights and leggings in my life so they’ll be going on my shopping list.

Back to the socks though and I hadn’t realised that there were three thicknesses available. Original Heat Holders are maximum thickness and 2.3 TOG, yes TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) like a duvet. There are also a Lite (1.6 TOG) and an Ultra Lite (1 TOG) to choose from if you want a different thickness for different boots and shoes.

I was sent the Lite which turned out to be perfect to wear in my new walking boots in more ways than one. heat holders

The colour matches!

This isn’t important in any way as to how the socks function on your feet but it made me smile. A lot. Too much maybe.

Before I tell you where I took them here’s Craig Phillips to tell you more about the technology:


From Heat Holders:

Extreme cold feet can cause chilblains and frostbite but even mildly cold feet can make us feel uncomfortable, miserable and reduce our productivity. Keeping our feet warm gives us a healthier sense of well-being, allowing us to cope better with our environment. Warm feet have even been proven to aid in a good night’s sleep! Whether you are active outdoors, or working in a cold environment; whether you suffer from health issues or simply want a bit of extra comfort through the cold winter months: Heat Holders will help ensure you have NO MORE COLD FEET!

In 2008 we introduced Heat Holders and by the end of 2009 we had revolutionised the thermal sock market. From our original product the Heat Holders line has grown to include long leg, stripe, slipper, ski, twist and Wellington boot socks, as well as hats, gloves, tights, leggings, thermal underwear and more – all created with the same underlying belief that warmth comes first. Today Heat Holders are not just a sock but a concept. Our promise and our commitment to you is to serve up a supreme thermal brand you can both recognise and trust. heat holders

My new Heat Holders socks, with Stella obviously, have already been for a hike along part of Devils Dyke and a stomp around Ely on a cold drizzly afternoon. devils dyke march 2016 Ely March 2016

The verdict?

Cosy and comfy, not hot and sweaty. I’ll be getting more of these.

How do your feet hold up in cold weather?


*I was provided with a pair of Heat Holders socks for the purposes of this review. All opinions are, as always, my own.


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  1. My feet are always the first things to go in the cold and once they’re chilly that’s it: I feel like I’ll never be warm again! I’ve got some of their welly socks and they are amazing, not at all sweaty (vile image of sweaty feet there) just cosy and comfy and perfecto.

    Also, Stella! <3

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