Can You Ever Have Too Many Handbags?

This is often a question I ask myself. Along with similar jacket or boots queries. Shoes I can take or leave but I can happily choose boots, jackets, and, bags, for any or all occasions!

Still when I see the word satchel I think of long-forgotten schooldays but there’s no denying it’s a practical style and, talking of style, things have come a very long way since there was very little choice in these matters. I seem to remember you had either a satchel or a sports bag to lug around. One would be a singular colour, the other would probably have football team branding on.

There is so much choice now and, once again, House Of Fraser have come up trumps with a collection of modern and classic handbags for Spring and Summer, many incorporating the satchel format. A couple really caught my eye that wouldn’t usually be on my colour radar, but, hey, it’s Spring…let’s get bold! The orange colour is just stunning for this season I think.


House Of Fraser SS16 handbags



We know from Monday’s post that my handbag carries most of my life in it so you can imagine how much fun it was compiling this selection of lovelies and I defy you not to want at least one of them too!

I found an old Daily Mail feature saying that 1 in 10 women owns 15 handbags and was going to laugh it off as extravagant nonsense…thought I’d better go and count my own first…I have 8 plus backpacks and camera bags. Room for one more then?

How many do you own and do you like any of my choices?


*This is a collaborative post



  1. Hi Lisa, my longstanding favourite handbag of two years is my hot pink handmade leather satchel. It’s sturdy, rolls with the knocks without showing signs of damage and reminds me of my old school satchel. I do have a couple of other bags, but they don’t compare.

    My favourites from your collection are the black and orange satchel style bags. I think they have character.


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