Woof Wednesday: Easter Geocaching

As is now traditional for the long Easter weekend, the weather was less than at its best. Storm Katie made her presence felt all over the country but Stella and I did manage to get out and about a bit each day.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes it was a struggle to muster much enthusiasm to dress up for a Winter walk when it should be Spring, but, we did, and apart from one day, we found geocaches too. All good fun.

On Friday morning I had a visit to The Raptor Foundation so Stella couldn’t accompany me there. When I got home I made sure we went somewhere good for walkies and we headed to Little Thetford in order to walk part of the Ouse Valley Way and collect a couple of the mile marker geocaches. The afternoon actually became pretty lovely weatherwise and at one point I had to take my coat off! The river looked unexpectedly beautiful, as did the view and I cursed myself for not packing the proper camera. Miss Stella had a nice time though and nowadays that’s my main priority.

Ouse Valley Way gc selfie LL Ouse Valley Way Mile Marker 111 gc LL Ouse Valley Way Mile Marker 110 gc LL Ouse Valley Way Mile Marker 111 river LL













Overnight, the storm took hold and during a brief respite from the rain we went out for a windy walk through the village. We’ve taken to having some lovely long walks while the builders are here working but more often than not the weather has been more pleasant!

Suffice to say when we carried on along one of the droves to some common land, we had the place to ourselves! Stella was happy as I let her have a little trot around off lead until we got to our very muddy geocache location. We had been to this one previously as it’s part of a series of 23 we did back in January but then the mud and other stuff (this is often home to cattle and ponies too so you’ll appreciate that I didn’t want to sink too deeply into it!) was so wet we had to move on. On Saturday we completed that series πŸ™‚

Wicken Walkies 14 gc HorseFen LL

Stella HorseFen Easter Saturday March 2016 LL

Wicken Walkies 14 gc LL

On Easter Sunday morning we just had our normal long walk and in the afternoon went to visit family.

Easter Monday saw really horrible weather again in the morning and also saw me scrabbling around the neighbourhood collecting kitchen packaging that had blown all over the place!

Really felt like I was fighting a losing a battle at times trying to tidy while it was still so very windy but don’t need to get on the wrong side of neighbours do we?!

After lunch, the rain had stopped and the wind had died down a little so went for a car ride to Stretham. We usually park in a road and then walk a track and footpaths here but there were lots of cars already parked, I presume a lot of people hadn’t bothered with a bank holiday outing, so when we found somewhere to leave the car we were only 30 metres from a geocache that we’d bookmarked!

half way to the old engine view LL half way to the old engine gc LL

This geocache is named ‘Halfway To The Old Engine’, but, as we’d hardly walked at all yet, we set off to go all the way to the old engine. Even though I knew the name I had no idea what it actually was so I did a little homework too. In short it was a steam-powered pumping station for Fenland drainage. We’re a little prone to flooding in these East Anglian parts!

Stretham Old Engine from across the river black gold March 2016 LL

On the other side of the river, we joined the Ouse Valley Way again in search of another mile marker geocache.

Labrador friends at Stretham March 2016 LL

Before we got too far, these two tearaways came bounding out of a nearby garden to say hello and play! It’s been too long since I had a cuddle with a chocolate Labrador so I made the most of every moment until their mum noticed they’d done a runner and called them back.

I’d have loved them to stay longer but Miss Stella was less keen, jealous little madam! Β On we went to find the cache…

Ouse valley way mile marker gc LL

Then stopped on the way back for a quick pose πŸ™‚

Stella Stretham Easter Monday March 2016 LL


We hope you all had a lovely Easter too. Where did you go?





  1. Hi Lisa, geocaching seems like fun and although we accidentally found a little geocache box, I have no idea really how to get into it or if we even could without leaving the island.

    I love your pictures and it’s always the way that you see things worth photographing when you don’t have the big camera with you!


  2. I’ll say this for Katie, she left us with some beautiful skies!
    We spent lots of time at the beach over the weekend (not in the scary water though!) So nice to have such a long stretch off
    M x

  3. You had a very productive weekend despite the Easter – I seemed to get rained on every time I went outside and had to cancel animal feeding with our gite guests due to a particularly heavy downpour. #AnimalTales

  4. It sounds and looks like you had some wonderful walks over Easter….
    Our weather wasn’t too bad over the weekend…
    We’ve actually had sunshine for two days in a row now…hehehe

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