Putting Fires Out

Yesterday, I shared this little video on the Facebook page (do come and give us a like if you haven’t already – much appreciated!) . It was made by the Cambridgeshire Fire Service.

Most people just liked and shared it to their friends & family all over the country. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that narrow roads and lack of parking isn’t a Cambridgeshire-only issue.

But, rather than start a discussion about fire safety and what-have-you, the comments section for the video turned into quite a heated debate which went from not being able to park outside your own house to a slanging match about spelling and grammar (not guilty for once!)

One person said that it wasn’t illegal to park outside your own house it was your right, another said that it was illegal if emergency vehicles couldn’t get through. The original commenter added that if they didn’t park outside their house, somebody else would which would result in the same problem, and I’ve a feeling they were right.

The social media person from Cambs Fire & Rescue did reiterate the fact that the video was mostly trying to dissuade people from dumping their cars on side streets rather than using car parks to go to work or shopping.

Having lived in a small street with no off-road parking that was within spitting distance of a large local employer, I know very well that where people leave their cars is a very big issue indeed and so I make an effort to always park mine fairly and legally. Admittedly it takes me longer, but, I know what a nuisance it was. Growing up amongst lorries also means I’m aware of the space needed for larger vehicles.

The video also draws attention to the fact that a fire engine is wider than a dustbin lorry which I didn’t realise…of course then the matter of why they have to be so big was raised. There’s some good background about the local fire service capabilities and equipment on their website. It soon becomes apparent, when you see the amount of stuff they need to carry around, why small fire engines aren’t appropriate.

LL fire engine

Sadly I’m also aware of the great service these guys provide after an arson at my parents’ home several years ago. Anything I can do to make sure they arrive where they need to be in good time, I do!

I’m very lucky with this house move that I do have off-road parking, so even though there are always inconsiderate people parking up on the pavement across the road instead of using their own spaces, there is space for emergency vehicles to get along quite nicely.

What’s it like where you live?



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