Woof Wednesday: Blipping and Caching Milestones

Quite a busy weekend here with an excellent Ely meetup for some Blipfoto friends on Saturday. This was very nicely timed as Sunday was my 6th anniversary of sharing a photograph every day there. I know there are now several websites for doing 365s but Blipfoto has yet to be beaten in my opinion.

As with the very first snap all that time ago, all landmark blips since then have featured Stella. She’s very fondly thought of amongst photography friends and our Sunday photo made it to the popular page 🙂

Stella Sixth Blipperverary 08 May 2016 LL

It was a rather warm sunny day again so on the recommendation of a friend we headed out just over the border to Suffolk and found some pretty bluebell woods to take shade in. I think a couple of weeks ago it would have been horribly busy but it was lovely and quiet with still enough blues and purples to keep me happy!

Of course, it would have been ridiculous not to check the geocaching app while we were out and, indeed, in a nearby village we found our 400th cache! 🙂


Stella Cheveley geocaching walkies 08 05 2016 LL

The geocache was, funnily enough, called Dirty Dogs…maybe because there’s a poo bin at the start of the footpath! Not the most exciting path ever but, as you can see, nice and safe for a little off lead trot.

We had a super weekend, we hope you did too?





  1. i must get into geocaching. i registered ages ago and i know there is one up the road from us but i still haven’t done it. love the photos of stella. she looks happy, and how pretty are those bluebells.

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