A Blipping Good Day

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of the Blipfoto photo-a-day journalling site. Occasionally there are get togethers which are called blipmeets…the first one I attended was at wonderful Whipsnade Zoo.

More recently a couple of us organised a meet for Ely and several people came along too. The weather was glorious and I think we all got at least one or two shots we were happy with 🙂

There was only blipper that I was totally unfamilar with; a few from the Whipsnade meet, a couple of ladies that I interact with a lot but have never met, my friend Anne who I first met at Whipsnade, and my friend Martyn, who’s an excellent local photographer.

There is a slideshow below from my Flickr album of the day but here are a few highlights:

Ely Blipmeet Cherry Hill cathedral blippers 07 May 2016

A walk through Cherry Hill Park with an admirable view of the cathedral.

Ely blipmeet cathedral indoors 07 05 2016

Always wonderful inside too.

Ely Blipmeet cathedral ceiling 07 05 2016

Amazing ceiling and, of course, the octagon, which I shared one view of as My Sunday Photo recently.

Ely blipmeet hdr octagon 07 05 2016

The light wasn’t great for interior shots without a tripod but I did get a couple of decent photos.

Martyn & Benjamin Ely Blipmeet 07 May 2016

We were photographing the beautiful statue and I offered to take a photo of Martyn and his son…he handed over his Canon and it proved to be slightly superior to my Nikon. I won’t be changing any time soon though!

Ely Blipmeet blippers on a bridge Susan Michael Anne 07 May 2016

Back out into the sunshine for a short riverside walk before lunch.

Ely blipmeet antiques 07 05 2016

Several of the group headed home at lunchtime so afterwards I joined a couple of them for a little wander around the antiques centre before making my own way home to Stella.

Ely Blipmeet house 07 May 2016

Another favourite location with Ely photographers; the bicycle wasn’t there the first time by, but, when I was leaving it was so I took the opportunity for an extra photo 🙂

A brilliant day. Have you got a favourite place to photograph?

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