The Prompt: Up

A highlight of my Thursday was spending a little time with my baby toddler nephew so, inspired by him, here’s a new poem.



I see your sweet face,
My eyes light up;
Your boyish grace,
Makes my heart fill up.

You’re growing up fast,
You’re getting taller;
Seems like yesterday,
You were much smaller.

The way you climb up stairs,
Almost makes me gasp;
But your tiny hand,
Is never far from Mummy’s grasp.

You point up to the sky,
Or any source of light;
Or a bird, or a balloon,
Or the stars saying goodnight.

So different from me,
You eat up all your greens;
Not at all a fussy eater,
So it can’t be in the genes.

Your favourite word is car,
You love most things with wheels;
And planes up in the air,
But mostly automobiles.

When you reach up for a cuddle,
My heart will skip a beat;
There’s no doubting this,
You’re turning out a treat. the prompt up June 2016



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