New Ways To Get Your Five-a-Day

As part of my #fattytofitty regime, I’m walking more and exercising more, as well as more healthy eating and drinking too.

Healthy Drinking

Everywhere I turn it seems subliminal messages are telling me to do something about my frankly pathetic water intake. So, I jumped at the chance to try a new concept in drinks bottle. zingo

Called Zingo, it’s a modern water bottle that adds flavour to your water from fresh citrus fruits without any added sugars or preservatives.

My citrus of choice was clementine but you can go as fruity or as zingy as you like really.

The Zingo is made from BPA-free plastic and is simple to use: zingo

Remove the cup of the Zingo, flip the body onto the top cap, and press a citrus fruit half into the reamer. This would be too small for grapefruit but you could cut it up and leave in the cup part if that’s your citrus of choice. Then just tighten back on the cup, and add water through the cap opening. Give it a little shake and you’re done.

It’s recommended that you change the water and fruit in your Zingo every three days though you’ll have drunk it all by then I’m sure. Water is enjoyed best when refrigerated but it’s also great if you’re on the go. zingo

The Zingo costs £10.

Healthy Eating

As part of a healthier eating plan (I say healthier rather than healthy because chocolate firmly remains a staple in my diet!) I’m still trying to cut down on the carbs. I do have a bread fail occasionally at lunchtime, but, evening meals are getting easier.

My go-to noodles/pasta when I can’t be bothered to spiralize courgetti are the ones made from konjac. The latest thing in this low carb pasta trend is seaweed. I love it from the Chinese takeaway (on the extremely rare occasion I have one) and was really curious to try it out. Thanks to Seamore Foods I could. seamore

I Sea Pasta looks like tagliatelle but is 100% wild, handpicked seaweed from Connemara, Ireland.

Just soak ‘I Sea Pasta’ for a little while, then cook for 15-20 minutes. You can experiment with different soaking times to have more or less flavour. 20g of dried Pasta makes 100g cooked. Simply replace traditional pasta with ‘I Sea Pasta’ to create tasty carbonara, arrabiata or bolognaise. You can even use it salads, quiches, curries soups and deserts, in-fact you can mix it with pretty much anything. seamore

It is strange looking at first and the weight seems really light. seamore

But, it was just right for me as a portion size and looks much better when cooked. I’ll cook a little longer next time as this was a little too ‘al dente’ for my taste. Other than that it work really well and isn’t overly salty as you may expect.

Did you know that seaweed isn’t actually a plant? No, it’s an algae which has existed for over 500 million years and is full of nutrients, high in antioxidants and minerals. Plus, it’s low in calories with just 38 calories per 100g cooked (20g dry).

I added olive oil, lemon juice and garlic powder for cooking and served mine with calamari to keep the sea theme going, but, I’m looking forward to trying the rest with different pasta sauces. seamore

One bag of I See Pasta contains enough seaweed tagliatelle for 5 servings and costs £5.49 at Whole Foods. It’s also available from the Seamore webshop.


*I was sent one Zingo and one pack of I Sea Pasta for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi Lisa, I’ve been seeing a lot of these fruit infuser type water bottles. We do drink a lot of water, but a touch of taste without the added sugar would be much appreciated I’m sure.

    I’d love to have a taste of the seaweed pasta, I’m intrigued as to what it tastes like. We do have a health food shop here, but I’m not sure it will stock seaweed items, but I will be looking next time I’m in there.


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