#theprompt sun 2016

The Prompt: Sun

Oh sunshine,
Your visits are infrequent,
You tease then disappear,
It’s not very kind treatment.

Oh sunshine,
Wherefore art thou?
Are you behind a cloud?
Oh do please come out now.

Oh sunshine,
What should I wear for you?
You make a date then break it,
It leaves me feeling blue.

Oh sunshine,
Have you seen the time?
We call it Summer here,
Your warmth would be sublime.

Oh sunshine,
I love to see your rise and fall,
Of all of God’s weather,
You make me happiest of all. Hunstanton sunset




Prose for Thought


  1. This captures British summer so well! I particularly like the line ‘…What should I wear for you? You make a date then break it…’ Reminds me of all the times you leave the house in a nice summery dress, only for the sun to trick you, and you end up in a downpour hopelessly searching in your bag for an umbrella!

  2. The sunshine is one of the things I love most about living here, I see so much more of it than I did in Scotland! I hope you get some soon 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  3. I hope you get more sunshine days very soon x It’s winter here in NZ, though it’s been quite mild and fair so far. I always find myself happiest in the light – it need not be warm, but blue sky, clear days, but me feel so much more energised than grey, overcast ones. A lovely poem x

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