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Woof Wednesday: Geocaching Outdoors Day 2016

So, today was meant to be about the Fun Dog Show I went to at Elveden at the weekend. However, though there were some lovely doggies there (Stella stayed at home as she had a little setback with her arthritis last week – all seems fine again now 🙂 ), someone (that’d be me) packed the camera but left the memory card in the kitchen! Oops.

Instead I bring you our efforts from the recent Geocaching Outdoors Day.

We like taking part in special geocaching days and save something nearby in case the weather is horrid. On this occasion the weather was actually fine, but, there was a series of 13 geocaches nearby that we hadn’t done yet so we stayed local anyway. The chances of not finding any of them was quite remote we thought!

Just to keep Miss Stella happy, or so I told her, the cache owners had placed these on one of our usual walkies routes. Having met them at a geocaching event for Leap Year I know that they also have a geohound so we may even run into them when we’re out and about at some point. I also knew they’re nice people so was hopeful this would be a fairly easy stroll for a couple of hours. woof wednesday
Soham Saunter – The Start woof wednesday
Stella was pleased to find the first one and posed for a photo for me to send to the cache owners woof wednesday
Off down the lane… woof wednesday
Another success…Stella was pleased to help as usually she’s dragging me along here after I’ve spotted a butterfly and want to loiter! woof wednesday
No3 was a sneaky one! woof wednesday
Clever disguise woof wednesday
Stella leads the way to No4 woof wednesday
Brilliantly hidden

Next in line was a slight detour from this route as the cache owners had also placed one in another series called Little Bridges. There are several different series of caches that have hides all over the country. For instance, village signs, churches, railway stations…we hadn’t done a little bridge one before and it was only a few hundred yards off course so would’ve been daft not to look! woof wednesday
Some days, when you see Stella run, aside from the huge tumour protruding from her back end, you’d hardly guess she was arthritic and epileptic plus battling hypothyroidism and cancer! Superstar <3 woof wednesday
Gotcha! 🙂

No5 proved to be difficult and, at the time, I suspected was going to involve climbing a tree. Our first DNF (did not find) in a while though so never mind. woof wednesday
We love our river walks and this one would take us to No6 woof wednesday
A few nettle stings were acquired grabbing this one. Stella watched from a safe distance!

Then, disaster again! Couldn’t find No7! Didn’t spend an awful long time searching though as it increasingly looked like a clamber down the river bank. Stella would have no doubt been keen. Me? Not so much! woof wednesday
Couldn’t resist a pylon shot on the way to No8 woof wednesday
Another one done 🙂 woof wednesday
For No9 we’re off to find a big tree woof wednesday
It was a very big tree and it took a while to locate the likely hiding place! woof wednesday
Back towards the village, just as it started to rain woof wednesday
Found a little bit of shelter retrieving this one though, especially as it took a lot of stretching to reach it! woof wednesday
Another good hidey-hole for No11 woof wednesday
The rain was just a shower so Miss Stella could smile again 🙂 woofwednesday
No12 meant a rummage around some foliage that we normally ignore on walkies woof wednesday
Last one done. Didn’t she do well? 🙂

We had a well deserved sit on the grass for a few treats before heading home. I do love this happy face 🙂 woof wednesday

You also get a souvenir image from for finding a cache (or eleven) on special occasions: woof wednesday


As you see, we had quite a brilliant walk and Stella was on familiar territory too which always makes her happier.

Have any of you tried geocaching yet or do you have other outdoors hobbies that you prefer?





  1. That did look fun and I never realised just how difficult some are to find. I think Saari would enjoy geocaching as she is quite happy to have a sit down from time time! #AnimalTales

  2. Hi Lisa (and Stella), I would love to try geocaching with the dogs and did look into it. There are supposedly geocaches on the island, so maybe next winter it’s something we could look more into.

    Stella has obviously got a nose for the geocaches!


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