A New Poem for the Post 40 Bloggers

I know it’s hard to believe because I seem so young & funky I’m quite a big kid but, yes, I am a post 40 blogger! I have used their writing prompts before and today, as Sara’s #theprompt is taking a well-earned Summer holiday, I’m using one again.

No 39 on the list was probably intended for a short story, but, I really prefer to write in rhyme so you have a poem.

A post incorporating these six words: decision, map, soap, castle, hair, blanket

Here goes! Hunstanton


A sunny weekend free,
But what to do with it?
So much to see and do,
And where and what would fit?

A decision to be made,
Stay inland or see the sea?
Stick a pin in a map,
And find which direction to flee.

A trip to the coast it seems,
An overnight bag to pack.
Soap, toothbrush, etcetera,
And clothes in a small rucksack.

A walk on the beach of course.
Sand castle to build too.
Fish & chips; ice cream;
And a paddle in the blue.

A sea breeze plays with my hair,
Pleasantly warm nonetheless.
A sun hat would be lost,
And I leave as a windswept mess.

A picnic for the drive home,
A stop in a forest of trees.
Lay food out on a blanket,
And shoo the wasps and the bees.

An enjoyable time all round,
England, at its best.
A busy couple of days,
And now I could do with a rest! Dalham

Prose for Thought


  1. When I read those words (the prompt), they seemed a bit tricky but you’ve put them into the poem brilliantly. You’re right about needing a rest after a couple of days away. We were away this weekend and now I’m exhausted!! #prose4T

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